10 Moments: Emily and Mark’s Wedding at Christ’s College and Longstowe Hall

Wedding dancing at Longstowe hall

“Andrew was brilliant from start to finish. His natural style was exactly what we wanted.” – Emily and Mark


You probably don’t even realise that you do it but most of us, at least in the West, read or scan a photograph starting from the left and then going over to the right. It’s a completely natural and subconscious process and makes perfect sense when you think about it as we obviously read from left to right and therefore put most emphasis on what we see on the left first. Apparently, supermarkets and advertisers exploit this characteristic mercilessly in catching our attention and “guiding” us towards what they would like us to see or purchase by harnessing this power of the subconscious – poor helpless and easily lead creatures that we are!


If you have a look at the image above you can probably see where I’m going with this but I have to start off by saying that I completely LOVE this picture! The left to right thing makes it most arresting as the very first thing that you look at is the girl’s expression, you naturally follow her arms to the right and see that the bridesmaid’s expression perfectly mirror’s hers as well. They are also nicely framed with the patches of light in the background! As you scan further right the other dancers sort of punctuate the picture and I love how rather wooden and angular they look in contrast to the swinging around joy of the little girl and the bridesmaid! – Pure joy!


They feature in the image below as well. This was well into the evening after the meal when anything goes really and I love the earnest expression on the little girl’s face as she seriously applies the lipstick. The pursed lips of the bridesmaid is perfect! I’m not sure if she was really left handed but her using her left hand certainly gives a sense of precariousness to the likely outcome and final result of her careful efforts!


Bridesmaid and lipstick


Below: Going back to the beginning of the day this is Emily in the morning at Hotel Felix in Cambridge having the last bit of make up applied and having her dress tweaked! For me this picture is all about the quality of the light as well as the composition, the framing of the door is really important and also the way that the three attendants are interacting with Emily – the combined shapes work well and help to bring the moment together. I tried a number of different angles and had to wait for the perfect moment as the lipstick was applied and the bridesmaids created the right shapes as well!


Hotel Felix Cambridge wedding preparation.


Below: Mark during the ceremony at Christ’s College chapel. I love looking for moments like this and how the briefest of glances can be so telling!


Christ's college chapel wedding


Below: During the ceremony in the porch of the chapel. The colours work really well but I just loved the juxtaposition of the baby being fed and the completely zonked out child in the buggy – so funny with just his legs poking out!


Christs college chapel wedding


Below: Bridesmaids after the ceremony. Nice floristry!


Breoidesmaids at Christ's college Cambridge


Below: Emily and Mark at the beautiful Longstowe Hall. Obviously the gardens are beautiful but this was the first time that I had been into the newly refurbished ballroom.


Longstowe Hall gardens.

Bride and groom at Longstowe Hall


Below: A lovely spontaneous moment in the marquee at Longstowe Hall. I always think that it’s moments like these that couples will look back on and treasure in years to come. You get a real sense of the emotion and reality of the day here and I love that!


Bride at Longstowe hall


If you are planning a wedding and you would like photographs of real authentic moments rather than a whole selection of boring staged shots then GET IN TOUCH – I would love to hear from you!


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