Monthly Archives: October 2011

I always feel that photographing people is a very personal and quite intimate thing to do and one of the great pleasures of my job is, by necessity, getting to know people quite quickly and making this personal connection with them. Yan and Feei got in touch with me to take some portraits before going home to their wedding in Singapore and their photo shoot was a great example of this. They were great fun to work with, both absolutely lovely and we all had a great couple of hours or so taking the photographs before parting, sadly probably never to see each other again! I have included some of the pictures from the photo shoot below.

Despite Alex and Florence’s wedding being at the beautiful and stunning Longstowe Hall I have just chosen four favourite images of mine from their wedding which do not include the venue at all, don’t include and bride and groom shots or, in many ways, any typical wedding shots at all. Of course their collection of around 300 images from the day include all of the above and more but, in choosing the four below, I am really encapsulating my signature style and what I am really looking for on a wedding day and the types of image that really defines my style.

In the first image I just love the exhuberance of movement in the image, the bridesmaids expression is perfect and the whole image is bound together beautifully by the shape of the dress just before it goes on. It was a real squash in the room and taking the image was simply a combination of anticipation in terms of being in the right position and timing as I waited for the bridesmaid’s expression.

The second “greeting at the church door” image is, on the face of it, a standard but all the same important moment from the day ¬†made perfect by the little boy’s expression. He had been watching me very closely and was clearly quiet bemused!

There are often great photographs to be created during the ceremony and I spotted this little person at the back of the church with that amazing grin! Again this one was simply a case of spotting the potential and waiting, and waiting and waiting and, in this case, waiting some more for the right moment!

I love photographs with a double story to tell, the signing of the register and the showing off of the brand new wedding ring compliment each other beautifully.