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I really enjoy photographing at new venues so it was really nice to travel up to North Yorkshire to Swinton Park in Masham near Ripon to photograph Nicola and Marc’s wedding. I knew, somewhere in the back of my mind, that I recognised Masham or I had been there before but it wasn’t until I finally arrived that I realised why it was so familiar. Masham is very very famous for it’s breweries and, being a bit of a beer lover, the Theakston brewery was a familiar and welcome sight! However, tempted to go on a brewery tour as I was, I started off with some outdoor scene setting shots of rolling hills, sheep, wild deer and this rather nice shot of Swinton Park taken from over the lake.

Arriving inside Nicola and her bridesmaids were getting ready in probably the largest suite of rooms I have ever photographed in. I did have a little chuckle to myself as a few days before at Andrew and Katies wedding I had photographed about 12 people all in what was essentially a single room whilst Katie was getting ready – one extreme to the other!

I really like this picture. It had to be black and white as it is all about shape. Your eye is lead around the image from the lady kneeling on the floor along the bridesmaid’s leg and through her eye contact with the other bridesmaid to the back of the image. It tells a story and is exactly what I am always looking for on a wedding day.

A lovely moment above! The interior of Swinton park is a bit of a mixture of chandaliered opulence and slight shabby chic! Somehow the lady in the large hat makes the image below work.

The one below is one of my favourite shots from the day. The little girl was collecting confetti and handing it to the lady – I love the connection and juxtaposition of young and old and the perfect non verbal communication. I took several frames of this moment but this one is the only one where you can see the woman’s smile which just makes it for me – I rather hope that they are grandmother and granddaughter but I don’t know.

You can find out more about Swinton Park by visiting their website here.

Last time I photographed a wedding at one of the Cambridge Colleges the opening shot featured some unopened daffodils in the foreground…………here we are again a couple of weeks later -a different college but look at the colour!! I hope that doesn`t make me sound un orginal and formulaic, it might possibly feed into my slight “not so good at landscape photography” paranoia!!

Katy and Andrew met as students at Jesus College and returned to hold their wedding there as well. I haven`t photographed there for a while and was struck, a few days before when we met there for our planning meeting, just how amazingly beautiful it is. It`s very ancient feeling in many ways and rather large and sprawling in it`s layout but still retains a beautiful feeling of Cambridge College intimacy.

Katie got ready in a very small room with many many helpers and bridesmaids. A bit of a challenge photographically as it was a real squash but I love just working with what I am given so this meant lots of manouvering around and accurate timing to get the images I wanted.

This is the type of image that gets me quite excited in that it tells the story perfectly, the lighting, despite the difficulties in the room is good, there is a double story going on and beautiful perfect mirroring, repeated shapes and ideas.

I love this one also purely as a “magic moment” – Katie was actually balancing on top of the bed as floor space was at rather a premium!

It was a fair old walk to the chapel, again its just the repeated shapes here that work and I really like the sense of purpose in the walking – the open space to the right allows the image to breath.

…..and again this is just a lovely moment that communicates so much.

Katie and Andrew were actually married by a friend and vicar of their own church which gave the ceremony a personal touch. Despite the rather formal surroundings the ceremony fun and relaxed, I love capturing those telling glances between the bride and groom at this time.

…..and so out into the cloisters for champagne, hugs and congratulations.

Two people very much in love! Jesus College is full of alcoves, corners, cloisters and interesting areas to photograph in. We had a brief walk round and took some relaxed portraits before moving on to the family group shots.

A very happy man!

…and finally onto the Cambridge Union Bar (for the second time this year already!) for a Celidaih (and yes I did have to look up the spelling!)

I have to say that I am rather partial to a good cup of tea! Preferably with a Hobnob biscuit, or actually even better, a chocolate Hobnob biscuit, or even better than that after a large mouthful of melty chocolate when hot tea is the perfect thing for washing down all that lovely gooey stickiness!

The whole ritual of warming the pot and using using cups and saucers rather than throwing a tea bag into a mug can, when time permits be comforting, familiar and, well sometimes just the right and proper thing to do! It’s even better if the tea is drunk from gorgeous china and, with all things vintage being on trend wedding wise at the moment, I was very impressed recently to discover that Georgina and Clare of Gorgeous Vintage Crockery Hire actually hire full sets of vintage crockery for your wedding day.

We met at the Burwash Manor wedding open day and, me being me, I was full of questions! So, some interesting facts……… they are able to supply up to two hundred vintage place settings, all of their crockery has to be washed by hand, some does occasionally get broken, they are constantly on the look out for and collecting new pieces and transporting the crockery is a nightmare involving wrapping each piece separately! They are clearly enthusiasts, very friendly and helpful and well I just love the uniqueness of their business – highly recommended if you are having a wedding with a vintage twist. You can visit their website here.