50 Wedding Hugs

From an early age, most of us come to associate hugs and close contact with comfort and having our needs met. The touch of another human being is immensely powerful. Just think how warmly and closely even relative strangers will hug.
A hug communicates a thousand words in a moment. Hugs can be greetings, expressions of love, comfort, solace, or companionship. Spontaneous expressions of emotion, never really planned, and an offer and acceptance of warmth and comfort.
When we hug it releases oxytocin or, to give it it’s less scientific name “the cuddle hormone”! Unsurprisingly, Oxytocin promotes feelings of devotion, trust and bonding. There’s something completely fundamental, animal and instinctive about hugging and that familiar feeling of comfort comes from deep within.
I have to say though that I don’t come from a particularly “huggy” family. It’s not that I don’t feel loved or comforted by my parents (!) but I have a fairly low tolerance of over huggy strangers who feel that they know you well enough to step over the physical boundary and grab you when you least expect it!
I’m not a great hugger of people generally. I think sometimes the currency of a hug is watered down by people that assume a level of intimacy with you that frankly isn’t there and hug you in what often feels like a fake display of familiarity. However, strangely enough, I would describe myself as being very physical and huggy with the people I love. Maybe that’s a good way to be as few strangers would want to be hugged by a 6′ 5′ hairy beast of a man like me without at least getting acquainted first!


Weddings are great for hugging and I love images like these that show the emotion and spontaneity of the day. There are 50 hugs of all shapes, varieties and sizes below.


If you would love natural pictures of your happy wedding guests then get in touch  – I would love to hear from you!

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