Five Abominable, Outdated and Downright Untrue Lies About Weddings

Bride laughing at wedding speeches

I love photographing weddings as they really do encapsulate all that is good and lovely about people. They are fascinating, exhausting but completely rewarding to photograph and I take my role as a recorder of family histories extremely seriously!


There is, however, an awful lot of silly often commercialised nonsense around about weddings as well. If fact some of this stuff is simply untrue so here we have five of the biggest lies about weddings around….


It’s the happiest/best day of your life – Dear God I really hope not! It’s going to be one hell of a party hopefully but there will be and should be greater days than this. Hopefully this will be the day that marks the start of the journey that allows for better days than this to occur – hope that makes sense! I can tell you now that you will forget most of it and it will pale into insignificance when compared with some of the other things you will experience. Getting married is just the start of the journey – not the be all and end all – obviously!


It’s all about the bride – Please no! What if you don’t want to be a “bride” in the conventional sense. What about if you hate the medieval notion of being handed over as property. What if there are two grooms, or two brides. Do we really have to keep labelling people to make ourselves feel better and more in control whilst adhering to these pointless wedding traditions? Jeez it’s just about two people in love marking that commitment in front of the friends and family that mean the most to them. It’s about everyone there, how they connect, how they interact, how they are all loved, in love and cared for. It’s about human connectivity, bonding and warmth – not just one person.

Wedding guest


You will enjoy it – By and large probably yes but you will probably be glad when it’s all over as well. Phew – what a relief! However, you’ll probably feel, sick, over hungry, over tired, over emotional and probably spend a lot of time absolutely busting for a wee. It’ll be great but not all plain sailing.


It’s bad luck to….. see your partner beforehand/not wear something borrowed or blue/if it rains/not to wear a veil/receive a knife as a wedding present/write out your married name before the wedding/not toss the garter/cross the path of a nun or wear frilly pants! Rubbish!


You need to buy wedding favours. – No you don’t. This is blatant commercialism and I’m sure it’s only a relatively recent idea. I’ve seen wedding favours thrown across marquees, trodden into floors, inserted into various orifices and hoovered up by venue staff. No one cares about them, they are a waste of money, a waste of time and not important.

There, I do actually feel better for getting that of my chest!


So, if you are planning a wedding make sure that you take everything with a generous pinch of salt and a healthy dose of realism!


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