A Bit About Me!

My first photographic experiences were as a teenager developing black and white images in a make shift dark room in my parent`s bathroom. I went on to develop what became a passion, via a rather circuitous route as a musician and a teacher, into a career as a photographer. I trained initially with Brian Barret and Andrew Coe at the Norwich School of Photography, subsequently was mentored by Damien Lovegrove and recently was accepted as a member of the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

I created Lightworks Photography in 2003 and have loved and nurtured it ever since. From the beginning I have been committed to providing transparency of communication and a great client experience, I have always guaranteed my work to offer complete peace of mind and have gradually over the years forged a unique style and brand of imagery whilst offering unique fully inclusive coverage.

I’ve been described as creative, energetic, enthusiastic and a little bit quirky (in a good way!). I love people, having a great time, chocolate and music, I drive a classic car older than me and have two beautiful children.