A Bit About Me

Like most wedding photographers I enjoy photographing shoes and flowers, cakes and dresses. I love a good celebration and love the atmosphere at a wedding. I enjoy designing albums, I like meeting all sorts of people, going to different locations, editing pictures and writing my blog………

But that’s not really why I do what I do…….

I do it because I love people and I’m fascinated by what really makes us tick……..

I want to record the moment when you are arm in arm with your Dad at the end of the aisle and you look over and whisper “I love you”. The second you catch a glimpse of yourself in that dress in the mirror and scream in delight. Your Mum and Dad holding hands in the front pew, your sister dancing with the new boyfriend she will marry in two years time, the moment you hug your friend who you haven’t seen in months and the look of love you have in your eye for the person that you want to grow old with.

I want to give you memories that you’ll carry through your life, you’ll pore over with your children and your children’s children, spin stories with and use to weave the folklore of your family. Pictures to look at together after the worst row of your marriage that you will cry over and will carry you through. In the darkest of days when things are tough, I want them to be a reminder of joy.

Your wedding flowers will die, the cake be eaten, and over time the memories of the day will fade. In fifty years, when you look back and you see pictures of the last time you danced with your parents, the photo where you look almost exactly like your daughter on her wedding day – those pictures will be priceless.

Things that I particularly like...


Things I love:

(in no particular order apart from the first one!)

My amazing crazy family (of course!), beer ( I do really love real ale, I love the sheer variety, the whole earthy concept of it – I genuinely get excited by beer!) , Twiglets (preferably with the afore mentioned beer), Doris my Morris Minor (trusty steed, well worn, always in need of TLC) vintage cameras (must stop buying them), chocolate (must start running again), Dr Who, strange historical documentaries on TV, most types of music ( I used to be a professional musician), making things, fixing things, Breaking Bad, people watching, day dreaming (must focus!), yoghurt and dairy products (particularly cheese), being a nominal Yorkshire man (I don’t own a flat cap!).

Things I don’t particularly love:

Fish, inconsiderate people, bad drivers, any series of films involving talking animals, musical theatre, snails and slugs, heights (ironic – I’m 6’5” tall!), paying to park!


If you still think I sound OK (!) then check out my portfolio or get in touch to have a chat about your big day………