Anstey Hall Wedding // Helen and Nick

Wedding magician Anstey Hall cambridge


“………the photos are stunning and you’ve captured some really beautiful, spontaneous moments. We are so happy you photographed our wedding! I’d also like to add that many of our guests commented on how much they liked you and found you very unimposing…..” Helen and Nick


Was it Paul Daniels who used to have the catch phrase “…and that’s magic!”?


I think so……….there would be the culmination to an amazing trick – maybe someone cut in half or similar – gasps from the studio audience and he would finish of by grinning cheesily at the camera and saying “…and that’s magic!”. It seems like something from a bygone era now, terribly dates and kitch!


However, it sort of came to mind as a title for the picture above which is one of my favourites from Helen and Nick’s Anstey Hall wedding. It’s one of those pictures that I really had to wait for and also work hard for. It’s surprisingly difficult to get a good sight line in a situation like this and also not easy to predict exactly what was going to happen next. I’d been watching the magician for a little while as he went around entertaining the guests and he had done this trick a few times so I knew that the two balls would magically reappear with gasps from the onlookers.


I’d tried to get this image about ten minutes previously with another group but missed the expressions and didn’t quite get the composition I wanted.


This time I was determined………… settings poised at the ready, camera to my eye waiting, adjusting slightly as people move ………waiting……..and adjusting………waiting with my right eye looking through the camera and my left eye closed and aching a little, arms starting to ache a bit too……..waiting and, just a fraction before I anticipate the “and that’s magic” moment pressing the shutter.


I was rewarded for my patience by a great set of expressions culminating in the look of amazement from the bridesmaid on the right that I simply love!!


Bride on wedding morning

Above: Helen in the morning getting ready at her parent’s house. I do love a good reflection shot as I like the depth, perspective and layering.

Below: One of Helen’s bridesmaids getting her wedding shoes on. Not a massively exciting moment in itself but hopefully a much more interesting image by using the reflections and repeated patterns in the mirror.

Bridesmaid getting ready

wedding button hole

Below: Nick waiting at Harston church. I really like the silhouette of the button holes being fastened and the story telling element of the groomsman checking the time as Helen arrives in the wedding car in the one below that!

Groom waiting for wedding at Harston church cambridgeButtonholes in Harston church doorwayBride arriving for a wedding at harston church

Below: A couple of favourites from Helen and Nick’s wedding ceremony in Harston Church near Cambridge.

Wedding ceremony at harston Church CambridgeWedding ceremony from harston church Cambridge

Below: Hugs and congratulations after the ceremony. I like how this picture has a bit of a double story going on…..a foreground and a background just to keep things interesting!

Congratulations - wedding at harston Church cambridgeConfetti at Harston church cambridgeBridesmaids at Harston church Cambridge

Above: Yes, the gentlemen were photographing the ladies!

…and then on to the lovely Anstey Hall. I like to get really close and involved with the action so that, when looking at the pictures, you really feel involved and as if you are really there………the one with the toasting glasses below is a good example I think. I’ve then included a few of my favourite guest photos from the reception at Anstey Hall….

Wedding guests at Anstey Hall CambridgeWedding guestThe back of Anstey hall Trumpington CambridgeWedding guests chattingWedding guests

Below: We are now onto the speeches and this lady just kept hollering at the top of her voice. She was hilarious……..she looked quite calm and reserved but was essentially heckling throughout!

Wedding guest at Anstey Hall Cambridge

Wedding speeches at Anstey hall CambridgeWedding guest laughing at the speeches

Below: ………and this was a hilarious version of Mr and Mrs which, naturally, involved Helen and Nick whacking each other over the head with either a pink or blue swimming float to answer the questions. Cool!

Bride and groom speeches at Anstey HallWedding speechesFirst dance at Anstey hall weddingWedding guests dancingWedding band

What a great day! If you are planning a wedding at Anstey Hall or anywhere else and you are considering whacking each other over the head with coloured floats, love pictures of crazy magic and incredulous bridesmaids then GET IN TOUCH – I would love to hear from you!


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