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Sian and Ollie’s wedding at Sheene Mill Cambridge

Sometimes it’s a bit touch and go as to whether you should have your wedding ceremony outside or not. In Sian and Ollie’s case, however it was never really an option. Sian had always said, from the very first time that the ceremony would be outside – fairly much whatever the weather! Looking at their venue, Sheene Mill, near Cambridge this seems a pretty sensible suggestion as the gardens outside are absolutely beautiful and the whole venue is set beside a gorgeous mill pond.

The few minutes before the ceremony are always extremely busy for me and I am looking for photographs of the groom waiting expectantly and interacting with guests and family as well as shots of the wedding guests chatting and arriving. At the same time it’s vital to ensure that I am there as the bride arrives so there is always a bit of a fine balancing act at this point in the day! Often the bride and the groom are quite a long way apart and in Sian and Ollie’s case there was a short walk across the lawn between them. Now, I always have my camera bag to hand and I was super organised in terms of timing and equipment but, not really noticing the weather, I was completely without any jacket or umbrella as I was just photographing in my shirt and tie.

Sian arrived, all was going brilliantly and then the heavens opened! It absolutely pelted down with rain, the brollies went up and Sian and Ollie continued with the ceremony inside the gazebo. I obviously continued photographing and got soaked literally to the skin top and bottom whilst trying to keep my camera reasonably dry. It actually made fro some good photographs of guests sheltering under umbrellas and was actually, in hindsight, quite funny but at the time was rather a challenge. Thank goodness my Nikon cameras are weatherproof!

The rest of the day continued beautifully, the sun shone intermittently and a great time was had by all.

I have posted a few of my favourite images from the day below.


Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0724

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Lettuce Flowers – a Completely Unique Approach to Wedding Floristry.

I have always thought that of all the senses, the sense of smell can be one of the most powerful, particularly in terms of association. Sometimes it only takes one whiff of something to transport you back to a particular time or place in a way that none of the other senses can quite manage. Imagine then if, having being married for a number of years, it only took a momentary waft of a particular aroma to instantly send you back to your wedding day!


 My instant memory of first meeting Sushma from Lettuce Flowers is one of the beautiful and unique scent of the bouquets she had brought for the wedding I was photographing that day. They literally filled the room with the most beautiful perfume and not only looked good and smelled good but were made with edible plants as well! The whole concept behind Lettuce Flowers is to provide flowers with a purpose, bouquets and plant decorations that are edible, smell amazing and can also, most importantly be easily dried so that, for example, a wedding posy can be kept long after the wedding day itself and the “smell association” lingers on. It is also possible to link with the caterers at a wedding or event and for the food to tie in with the decorative flowers as well. I really love that idea of a consistency between the senses of seeing, smelling and tasting a personal and individual combination of plants that will for ever be associated with the wedding day.

 Sushma sources all of the plants from local nurseries that she knows well and trusts and all of the plants she uses are completely pesticide and herbicide free. All of her wedding flowers and plants are personally hand delivered to guarantee that they arrive in first class condition.



I think it’s brilliant that it is possible to get something so unique and personal in terms of the flowers and plants for your wedding. Sushma really does offfer an alternative solution, a completely bespoke service with a unique, long lasting product offering fantastic long term value and a real talking point for your wedding day.

You can contact Sushma on 01403 784680

Email on [email protected]

or visit the Lettuce Flowers website at



Wedding Cupcakes!

I think, like most people I am partial to a little bit of cake – preferably with a nice strong hot cup of tea! I always enjoy photographing wedding cakes, even though I hardly ever get any to eat at a wedding! Here is some really helpful information by Alex from Cakes2party4 about wedding cupcakes!

Choosing a wedding cake is a large part of the wedding celebrations.


Well we all want to see the bride, the flowers and okay as long as the groom turns up is reasonably smart…with or without designer stubble, doesn’t faint…he’s nearly home and dry… all in all the next thing to turn your head is the cake.

Traditionally cakes were round, like the wedding ring to signify the bond, no breakages in the circle, everlasting love, clever.

Wedding cakes are there, in the posed pictures for posterity for years to come… a symbol of cutting the cake. So today, modern bride and grooms don’t always want the tall tiers, the whole standing in front of the group and cutting a cake formally. With the royal icing, even fondant icing… There is still a call for these cakes and I am happy to make them, but I love wedding cupcakes, you can have them as formal as you wish, on a tiered stand with a smaller cutting cake to have later, or freeze for after the honey moon.
There is no need to worry about portion sizes or huge pieces of cake to be left, as single pods/ boxes can be supplied on a sale or return for extra cupcakes. Actually the main issue with cupcakes is that everyone gets one and guests aren’t sneaking them in their bags…oh yes they do.


Cupcakes for weddings can have cases, colour of butter cream or décor to tie in with the scheme of the day. There are still a few rules to follow with cupcakes, such as fresh fruit being placed just before they are to be eaten, as the fruit spoils quickly and seeps into the butter cream. Recently I took cupcakes slightly unfinished and the topping was placed just before the service. Other friends and family were making cakes as the wedding was at lunchtime, this was a quick sugar rush of prettiness while pictures were being taken before going to the more formal venue.

Cupcakes are also more fun to create with flavours. You can have different flavours colour coded with a menu card next to them, and unlike a large cake where you are feeding the masses so to speak, you can have a variety knowing people are choosing there own, however I still suggest not too many flavours, and not too extreme.

There are also popular flavours that work better in a smaller portioned cake rather than a large cake, red velvet being one of them. I assumed red velvet to be chocolate cake, red colour and a fad… however red velvet if made properly is a lush light cake, with a taste of butter milk.

A myth of cupcakes are that they dry out quick and need making so close to the date, they do need again a bit more care, but if covered correctly and the right recipes you can have them made the day or two in advance, with them lasting a few days after, again this does depend on how they are looked after.


Another advantage of wedding cupcakes is allergies, if you have someone requiring an egg free cake/vegan/low gluten it is easier to make these in smaller batches and hold for the guests. However after doing this for a bride who required a vegan cake, although not a vegan herself. Kindly ordered by her mum so she could have some wedding cake, they had to hide a few as the guests were tucking in to them.

You can have the cupcakes prettied up with décor to fit your theme, flowers, roses, colours, hearts or left with a swirl to look like a rose and have a cutting cake if you wish.

I also supply cake stands if required for your cupcake tower.

I love making cupcakes and very often now pick a flavour and sell them on a Friday.

Whichever style of cake you wish, choose what you like it is your day, however much everyone else is sharing the day with you, I would hate for you to look back on your ceremonial cake pictures wishing you hadn’t taken the option you had.

Baking dreams come true…

Alexina Golding


[email protected]

01223 573858





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