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wedding make up at Rectory Farm Cambridge


“Thank you so much for these…..they are incredible and tell a fantastic story of the day!” – Ed and Kamila


Ed and Kamila’s wedding ceremony was at Stapleford church near Cambridge before going on to their reception at the lovely Rectory Farm. Those of you who know the area will realise that the two venues are a short hop down the M11 from each other and so, theoretically at least, very easy to travel between.


BUT – not on the day that the M11 is completely blocked!!! I don’t really get particularly stressed on wedding days but the one thing that always concerns me, mainly because it is essentially out of my control, is getting stuck in traffic! I always build in plenty of contingency time and check the traffic conditions before leaving home and thankfully Google maps warned me of the problem beforehand.


Everything was fine before the ceremony as I left with plenty of time in hand and changed my route but, on the way back from the church, traffic chaos ensued and Cambridge was gridlocked! Everyone was driving from the church to the reception and the worst scenario for me would have been not to have known if I was the only one stuck in traffic and to have been worried that I was missing the reception! With this in mind I glued myself in behind Ed and Kamila’s wedding car and endured a journey of nearly an hour that should have taken around ten minutes. Very stressful but at least I knew for a fact that I wasn’t missing any of the bride and groom at the reception and we were all in the same boat!


The rest of the day followed without any problems, the rest of the guests arrived bit by bit with various tales of over heating cars and traffic mayhem and a great time was had by all! I have included a few of my favourites from the day below. As ever none of the pictures are scripted or set up as I much prefer to photograph events as they happen, not interfere and direct people and photograph as naturally as possible.


If you are planning your wedding and my approach appeals then get in touch. I would love to hear from you and have a chat about your ideas further.


Bride getting ready at Rectory FarmWedding greetingsUshers at a weddingBride arriving at her wedding in a wedding carBride arriving at churchWedding at St Andrews church Staplefordwedding at St Andrews church Stapleford CambridgeConfetti at a wedding at St Andrews church Stapleford CambridgeBride and groomReceiving line at Rectory farm cambridgeGreeting guests at a wedding at Rectory farm CambridgeWedding marquee at Rectory farm CambridgeWedding speeches in the marquee at Rectory Farm CambridgeBride -rectory Farm cambridgeDancing at a wedding at Rectory Farm Cambridge

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    sunset at Longstowe Hall Cambridge


    Weddings can be a bit stressful at the best of times and there is nothing more likely to cause problems than timings running out of hand! Here’s a list of the top five times when things might go a bit awry!


    1) Hair and make up – allow ample time to do your hair and make up, now I’m not an expert in this field (however I do live in a household of females!) but I do know from many years of experience that it ALWAYS takes girls much longer than they ever expect to get ready! If you are doing your own hair and make up it might be a good idea to have a trial run before hand and get an idea of the time it might take. Similarly if you are using a professional get an accurate estimate of timings and then allow plenty of extra. I’ve photographed countless morning wedding preparations where hair and make up have run late and it can have a stressful knock on  effect for the rest of the day if you’re not careful.


    2) Fastening your dress – some wedding dresses only need a quick zip up however dresses that need to be laced at the back can take a considerable amount of time! Try to get some tips from the dress maker about how to lace it up and also involve whoever will be actually helping you into the dress on the day as well. Again it’s a good idea to have a practice run as it can be a bit tricky and you will also need to be getting into your dress at a time of the day when you might be feeling time pressured and possibly emotional as well. Again, allow plenty of time to enjoy the experience rather than get stressed and pressured.


    3) Your drinks reception – this can easily become a bit compressed in terms of time if you or your guests arrive a bit late after the ceremony or if the venue calls you in to dinner a bit early as often is the case. Bear in mind that from a photographer’s point of view I will need to photograph the venue, the reception tables, details and cake, family group photographs as well as bride and groom portraits during this time. Personally I also like to have time to photograph people enjoying themselves, chatting and interacting too. You will also want to have some circulation time as well as a chance to have a little time to yourselves to just soak up the atmosphere! If possible allow an hour and a half at this point in the day – an hour can feel rather rushed and two hours or so tends to feel a bit protracted.


    4) Receiving Line – there is often confusion about when receiving lines are due to take place and this can cause a number of issues. Generally the line happens as you go into dinner but often venues will call the start of the line half an hour or so before dinner is due to be served – sometimes this eats into your drinks reception time and then becomes problematic for all of the reasons above! Basically they always take much longer than you could possibly imagine and you need to factor in around half an hour or so PLUS the time for the drinks reception.


    5) Get on with the dancing! – you’ve booked a  band or a DJ, you want to have a party and get the most fun for your money so, after dinner and everything is ready to roll GET ON WITH IT! Many many weddings have a period of time after dinner and before the band starts where time is simply wasted because no one gets things going and keeps and eye on the time –  before you know it the band have only got time to play one set before the venue’s finishing time and you lose out!


    If you are planning a well timed wedding and would like your expertly photographed then get in touch with me!



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      Wedding Speeches - Swaffham Prior Village Hall


      “Thank you so much! They are wonderful, can’t wait to see them on a proper big screen when we get home…..thanks again!” – Stephanie


      I really love it when one picture really encapsulates the story of a whole day! The picture above essentially sums up Stephanie and Alex’s day in one frame – there’s a sea of happy laughing faces looking towards Stephanie and Alex during the speeches in Swaffham Prior Village Hall, the two bridesmaids at the front did little apart from giggle and have a great time all day and the whole picture has a real sense of the joy, fun and informality that made the day so special. I love how Stephanie and Alex are looking towards each other in the foreground and that you can just see the best man, who is giving the speech in the corner as well!


      Swaffham Prior itself is a tiny little village that you don’t really pass through unless you are going there deliberately. Stephanie and Alex got married at the local church and we then took a short wander down the High Street to the village hall for the reception. Alex’s parent’s garden made a lovely backdrop for some bride and groom photographs later in the day so the whole event had a lovely close knit and family atmosphere!


      Inevitably with a wedding like this everyone just got into the laid back atmosphere and, with a hog roast, bunting and beautiful weather to go with it the reception had a fabulous almost traditional street party atmosphere to it!


      Another of my favourite images below shows one of the guests sitting outside the hall on his phone surrounded by piles of dirty plates! Not a traditional wedding image but one that definately tells part of the story and is a little bit different!


      I have included a selection below.


      If you’re planning your wedding and wondering about having a photographer to be there to document the day for you then GET IN TOUCH – I’m always happy to chat.


      Getting ready for a wedding at Swaffham Prior CambridgeBride getting out of car - Swaffham Prior churchGreeting guests in churchWedding ceremony in SwaffhaWedding in swaffham Prior cambridgeSwaffham wedding Cambridgeshirewedding at Swaffham Prior near cambridgeWedding guests at swaffham Prior Church HallWedding dancing - church hall Cambridgeshire

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