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Wow well didn’t Christmas sneak around quick this year! It only seems five minutes since I was in the first throws of wedding planning feeling very smug at my extensive spreadsheets and all the time I had to get everything done, yet all of a sudden is nearly the anniversary of our engagement, my house is bursting at the seams with Christmas presents and wedding paraphernalia and I’m counting down the weekends for finalising food, flowers and the finer details. Not to mention the limited time I have for reducing the size of my rear, which is a nearly impossible task when faced with all the festive treats and copious amounts of alcohol that is mandatory this time of year! Now this is not a normally dieting bride, but being blessed with hips, bum and an appetite to rival Nigella Lawson I have a compulsory 3inch’s too loose from my bottom to fit in my designer frock which doesn’t cater for those of us with ‘English Rose’ proportions. It is this that has seen me returning to my childhood hobbies of netball and swimming and (to my horror) currently contemplating joining a running club! Thankfully the dark evenings and lack of streetlights on my road are keeping this insanity at bay for the time being but I think that new year’s resolutions and the fear of half the church seeing me in my undies as my dress bursts at the seams may see me red faced and crawling down the pavement before the last chorus of Auld Lang Syne.

In truth I have found the whole wedding dress experience far from the expectations that most of us girls have growing up, dreaming of the ‘princess dress’ and the day with your Bridesmaids and Mum sipping champagne and cooing at the mountains of lace and tulle, with an odd tear and cries of ‘oh yes that’s the one’! In reality I have trailed from shop to shop trying to find a dress that I even half liked that I could quite simply; just try on and not have to be squeezed and pulled into for 20minutes only to result in the hem line a foot off the floor, half the dress folded over and the shop assistant trying to hold the back together so I could ‘get an idea of what it looks like’!! Now don’t get me wrong I am not quite queen Kong but at 5ft 11 and a size 14/16 it has been quite a feat to find ‘the one’ when most sample sizes have been a 10/12 and ‘designer’ proportions coming up much smaller than the high-street sizing. The process has seen me burst into tears in one shop and almost having a nervous breakdown in Newmarket Waitrose, on the hottest day of the year (with a birthday hangover ssshh) after dragging my mum round most wedding shops in the county only to find I couldn’t try on any of the dresses I liked and being asked if I had considered losing weight and coming back or just holding it in front of myself in the mirror! I have eventually ordered my dress from a fantastic shop in Sheffield called Emily’s who have been fantastic and I must say I am thrilled to have my dress coming from my neck of the woods when the rest of the wedding is thoroughly Cambridge. But it has left me wondering if I have just been incredible unlucky or if the wedding dress industry is missing a few tricks, with the average price tag heading up to £1000 a girl wants to feel amazing and beautiful not squeeze, squashed and spilling out! Get some real sizes for real women!

This week I have been finalising our wedding invitation stationary, save the dates were sent out earlier in the year as with the date being 1st June it has been popular with others getting married so we wanted to bagsie all the good guests before they were snapped up ? We have now signed off the day and evening invitation proofs and they have been sent to print. The idea being that we send them out with Christmas cards to save on postage, however on second thought we all get so much post this time of year with even the local takeaways cashing in and sending Christmas cards that I think the invite might get somewhat over shadowed so instead I think they might be a more welcome arrival in the New Year.

After a recent episode of ‘Don’t Tell The Bride’ it stuck in my mind firstly never to let a man try to organise anything and secondly that the invitation is to the guest, their first impression of the wedding and an inclination of what to expect, often giving away the theme/colour scheme of the day and style of the wedding party. As I mentioned on my first blog we have gone for a ‘Vintage Country’ themed wedding with the boys wearing tweed rather than morning suits. With this in mind I was conscious that I wanted to have some consistency and for the theme of the day to be clear to the reader inviting them to join in rather than us to go to all the effort of a country themed wedding party only to have 150 guests turn up in tropical flower print dresses and sharp suits and for that to all be lost. The company we used Inthetreehouse have been wonderful, tweaking and changing their designs so that it matched with my ideas, and they have great free printables that you can download from bunting and decorations to photo booth style props and quizzes for the tables for a few giggles for the guests. I can’t wait for them to arrive, and while being less excited to chase all the RSVP’s and revise the table plans for those that can’t come; it is great to see things finally coming together after all the preliminary plans.

But for now I think I need to switch from wedding to Christmas mode and get my Christmas cards written and presents wrapped, before they are discovered behind the sofa.


A x



I big round of applause and a drum roll as “ladies and gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to introduce Lightworks Photography’s latest illustrious blogging bride…………..Aimee!”  I’m photographing Aimee and Ed’s wedding in June next year and Aimee is going to blog her way to the alter (I think I stole that phrase subconsciously from another wedding blog, if not then I’m ashamed of myself because it’s cloyingly hammy!). I’m really looking forward to hearing how things go after this her very first ever blog post anywhere in the world!…..


To tell you a little bit about myself, I’m Aimée a twenty-something bride to be from Derbyshire but now living and working in Cambridge as a property manager. I got engaged on Christmas Day 2012 in a rather tearful and snotty display (I was streaming with cold) on the Derbyshire moors while walking our Labrador puppy Ruby on her first Christmas.

Having previously worked in events planning I wasn’t too unnerved about planning the big day but having little recent experience of weddings did make the prospect a little daunting, as I wasn’t really sure where to start. Of course I immediately ran screaming like a school girl into the nearest newsagents and bought every possible wedding magazine I could get my hands on and would talk nonstop to anyone who would listen…but I stand by the fact that the research and development process is a very important stage of wedding planning.

Having bagged myself a strapping rugby player I was so excited to start planning my dream wedding and quickly started my scrap book of ideas and inspiration. I have now realised that simply knowing what you want is often much harder than find it once you have decided so I found it really helpful to brainstorm lots of ideas and see them visually with other aspects of the day. It is easy to get carried away by other people’s expectations and influences so to have different sets of ideas in mind when looking at possible venues and different aspects of the day was a really good way of seeing how the ideas on the page could come to life.

Pinterest was recommended to me by a friend who had used it planning her wedding and I quickly became addicted; being able to ‘pin’ things to my virtual pin board saved so much time and countless scraps of paper as there was no need to jot down where I had seen things as you can go straight through to the original web page from your board. It was also a great tool when going to see different suppliers such as our photographer (Andrew of course) and florist as they could see our style and aspirations for the day. I was shocked at how quickly good suppliers get booked up and quite frankly how many awful ones there are out there so definitely do your homework and shop around to find the people you want to work with and that your feel comfortable and confident with.

We have now booked the Manor Barn in Harlton and Harlton Church for our June wedding which has a Vintage Country Theme, tweed and pastel’s rather than wellies and hay bales! As for the rest…I’ll keep you posted! A x



So now I had my dress, my photographer, and my venue – the BIG 3 for me – so all done then right?

Sadly, not! It turns out there are a few other things to sort out too! Well, I had always said that the flowers and the cake weren’t important so I just forgot about those for a while – not a big flower person and I don’t like cake so who needed them?! But, I guess the next thing that I needed were some guests…so I needed to write ‘THE LIST’ – and, yes, it has always felt like that has to be written in capitals, preferably with some dramatic opera music playing every time it is spoken of! This was something I was worried about – I am an only child, therefore it’s the only wedding of a child that my mum will have, plus we have a very big group of family and family friends who are pretty much all wonderful and I would NEVER want to offend, nor, actually, not want there – and that’s before you even get started on MY friends, and Tom’s side of things too!

Here, I have to admit, things have gotten a little out of hand. Tom and I originally planned a smaller, more intimate, ceremony, with more guests coming later in the evening. The greatest reason for this was my fear of my inherent clumsiness rearing its ugly head at some point, but also the fact that I am pretty self-conscious and the thought of being the focus of attention for a tonne of people was pretty terrifying!

However, this was not quite how it worked out – my mum wasn’t happy with the idea of having separate people coming later on and, I do see her point – firstly it does feel a little like an afterthought and, secondly, it adds a level of stress in that you have to keep to time so that you are not still eating or doing speeches when the evening guests arrive (how embarrassing!). So that was the first decision…but then the list just kept getting longer…and longer….and now I have 120 people watching me get married! Not going to pretend that doesn’t scare the bejeezus out of me but they ARE all people I know and love so I am just trying to have that as my mantra when I get the heart palpitations!

So now I had ‘THE LIST’ drawn up – I just needed some of those invitation-type-things! Here, I have been blessed – Tom’s family are the most creative people that I have ever met – the menfolk and their talents will come in to this later, but Tom’s mum is SO artistic she blows me away – she can make something beautiful from ANYTHING. And she WANTED to make my invitations – I could not believe my luck – and, having since seen the finished product, she even exceeded my expectations – they are the most beautiful invitations that I have ever seen ?

F a c e b o o k