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So now I had my dress, my photographer, and my venue – the BIG 3 for me – so all done then right?

Sadly, not! It turns out there are a few other things to sort out too! Well, I had always said that the flowers and the cake weren’t important so I just forgot about those for a while – not a big flower person and I don’t like cake so who needed them?! But, I guess the next thing that I needed were some guests…so I needed to write ‘THE LIST’ – and, yes, it has always felt like that has to be written in capitals, preferably with some dramatic opera music playing every time it is spoken of! This was something I was worried about – I am an only child, therefore it’s the only wedding of a child that my mum will have, plus we have a very big group of family and family friends who are pretty much all wonderful and I would NEVER want to offend, nor, actually, not want there – and that’s before you even get started on MY friends, and Tom’s side of things too!

Here, I have to admit, things have gotten a little out of hand. Tom and I originally planned a smaller, more intimate, ceremony, with more guests coming later in the evening. The greatest reason for this was my fear of my inherent clumsiness rearing its ugly head at some point, but also the fact that I am pretty self-conscious and the thought of being the focus of attention for a tonne of people was pretty terrifying!

However, this was not quite how it worked out – my mum wasn’t happy with the idea of having separate people coming later on and, I do see her point – firstly it does feel a little like an afterthought and, secondly, it adds a level of stress in that you have to keep to time so that you are not still eating or doing speeches when the evening guests arrive (how embarrassing!). So that was the first decision…but then the list just kept getting longer…and longer….and now I have 120 people watching me get married! Not going to pretend that doesn’t scare the bejeezus out of me but they ARE all people I know and love so I am just trying to have that as my mantra when I get the heart palpitations!

So now I had ‘THE LIST’ drawn up – I just needed some of those invitation-type-things! Here, I have been blessed – Tom’s family are the most creative people that I have ever met – the menfolk and their talents will come in to this later, but Tom’s mum is SO artistic she blows me away – she can make something beautiful from ANYTHING. And she WANTED to make my invitations – I could not believe my luck – and, having since seen the finished product, she even exceeded my expectations – they are the most beautiful invitations that I have ever seen ?

Well, now that I had the dress (my biggest worry about a May wedding), I was ready to take on South Farm! The thing was, that its all very well liking the look of somewhere online – we did go to see somewhere else, that I won’t mention as it would be unfair, that looked fab online but was an IMMENSE disappointment when we went to see it. So, although I felt excited about going to see it, I felt very wary – surely it couldn’t really be THAT beautiful?

We went on a cold, grey day, well – it WAS December to be fair! It was the kind of day that could make the Taj Mahal look like Wormwood Scrubs. But….when we got there, and drove down their BEAUTIFUL tree-lined driveway, I knew this was my place. Everything about South Farm suited us perfectly – it is a working farm, which grows its own veg (which they use in their cooking), they have pigs, chickens, and 4 peacocks, 2 of which are albino (and these will come in later too!). Walking around the place, you can’t help but fall completely in love with it – the house front looks like the Bennet’s house from the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice (one of my favourite books), and the inside of the house is impeccably decorated, to make it classy but homely at the same time. The grounds are full of all the flowers that you could ever wish for – and enough that, at different times of the year, there will always be something beautiful to look at. However, that being said, I have to say that I am SURE May will be unbelievable!

We knew we wanted to find somewhere that we could get married and have our reception at – and South Farm not only offers that, but they give you the WHOLE place for the day, including a bridal…well, I can only call it a flat actually as it is on 2 levels and has a lounge and kitchen area! But, further that this, they offer FOUR different options for a civil ceremony! There is a drawing room area, which would be beautiful for a small, intimate ceremony; the Old Dairy, which holds up to 100 and has an outdoors/indoors conservatory feel to it; the Barn, which is just done beautifully, with canvas hanging from the ceiling, real wooden beams, an indoor bar, and a view of all the animals for the kids! The last place, and the one that we are so hoping to have, is the garden. This is the most beautiful place and, amidst the flowers and trees, there is a summer-house positioned over a pond in a way that makes it look as if it is floating upon it. It is magical and, if we have any type of weather that is not rain, THAT will be where we will marry! Being South Farm, however, and the most professional, accommodating and caring people who I have EVER dealt with, they do also set up an alternative so that you, literally, can decide 10 mins before your ceremony which way you will go – you don’t find many places that will offer that!

I guess it depends on what you are looking for, and I don’t mean to sound like a big old advert for South Farm….although I know I am because I can’t really help it – it is the most magical place and definitely worth a look – I am SO SO excited about it – we went for our formal planning session recently and, far from having built it up in my head and being a bit disappointed, it was even BETTER than I had remembered! What it comes down to is that I KNOW that we have found the most perfect place for us, and I guess that’s all that matters at the end of the day ?


I can’t quite explain how it felt looking at myself in that dress. As I have said, I am NOT the most confident of people and try to avoid clothes shopping until it is absolutely necessary, but….I felt….absolutely beautiful for the first time in my life. I guess that is the power of the wedding dress! I hadn’t really thought about it before but these are not just dresses really are they? They are there to make you feel like that princess you wished you could be when you were a little girl. Yes, we have all grown up since then, but when you put that dress on, something comes back from that innocent childhood time and you ARE that princess. And that is the best way I can describe how I felt when I put that first dress on. After that ‘wonder moment’ my practical side kicked in a little and thought ‘my word woman, you can’t just get the first dress you try on – you need a comparison!’ so I tried some more on – do not get me wrong, they were very pretty dresses, but there was just nothing to compare with that first one. Just in case I had over-egged it in my head I put it back on at the end but, no, it had the exact same effect. That was definitely my dress ?

So that was it – 2 days after deciding we were going for May, I had my dress already – we actually bought the ‘sample’ dress which will be fitted perfectly closer to the date, because its pretty damn close, and meant I didn’t have the 6 month problem….but, even more wonderfully, this was a new sample in so not another person had tried that dress on before me – see? Meant to be ?



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