Cambridge Wedding // Robbie and Jennifer – 15 Favourite Images

“Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did for us, the photos are truly great” – Jennifer and Robbie


Picture the scene. A beautiful Summer’s day in a Cambridge college garden, a secluded glade surrounded by giant ancient trees. An officiant who had been married herself in the very same gardens years previously, music provided by Jennifer’s Dad and sister, a full complement of bridesmaids and attendants of all ages. Not to mention several Scotsman sitting in the sweltering heat of the day suited and booted in full kilt regalia!

I had photographed Robbie and Jennifer’s “legal” ceremony at the registry office a couple of days before and also recorded the intimate family drinks receptions afterwards. Having been party to the aforementioned Scotsman all getting changed together in a relatively small flat that morning (photographic record included!) I felt well qualified as “one of the family” for the day – it’s always nicer photographing people when you feel as if you know them a little!

I’ve included 15 of my favourite moments of the day below. Of course, there are also hundreds of other pictures recording the narrative of the day but these pictures just capture the essence of the day for me and hopefully give a real flavour of what it was like.

Below: A lovely moment between Jenny and her Mum at the hairdresser’s in the morning and with her bridesmaids whilst they were getting ready.

Below: Two bridesmaids wandering around Harvey Court Gardens just before the ceremony. I really like the symmetry of this and it also some how sums up the rather strange juxtaposition of the rather functional modern brick buildings and the beautiful gardens beyond.

Below: A welcoming hug just before the ceremony. This lady was really delighted to see Robbie’s Dad.

Below: Jennifer and Robbie see each other for the first time – always a special moment.

Below: I’m not sure exactly what the reading was about but I love the expressions on Jennifer and Robbie’s faces!

Below: Moments after being declared man and wife…….

Below: The intimacy of this makes it so powerful. I work extremely hard at being as unobtrusive as I can be and, by working to just “blend in” it becomes possible to record such personal moments with authenticity.

Below: Bridesmaids

Below: Why? I don’t know. Why do people do these sorts of things?

Below: Walking from the ceremony through Cambridge to the reception venue at Gonville and Caius College. We crossed over the bridge over the river and people in the punts below cheered and shouted their congratulations. I love Jennifer’s instant reaction here and the sense of business looking at ground level through the crowd.

Below: I always find these moments of connection between young and old really moving…..

Below: Boys. Why are boys so weird?

Below: I really like how this looks like it was set up and posed. However, of course, it was completely spontaneous and is just a picture of the kids …erm…doing their thing!

Below: Speeches

Below: First dance…

If you would like to see more you can see galleries of several full weddings here. If you are looking for a wedding photographer that has the resilience to endure the experience of photographing half a dozen Scotsman getting dressed and ready together in a confined space in the heat of summer and can still go on to record the rest of the day with warmth and humour then GET IN TOUCH – I would love to hear from you!

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