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I always really enjoy putting together blog posts where I choose only five favourite pictures – I always find it a bit of a challenge to narrow down all of the photographs but I think it’s a really worthwhile thing to do as it’s certainly focuses my thinking on my photography and I think it’s useful for my clients and potential clients to really see the essence of my photographic style.

I’m always naturally drawn to pictures of people and I love the photograph of the giggling bridesmaids during the ceremony as this really encapsulates how they were on the day. I really love the sense of spontaneity in that image. My other favourite is the one of Carly during Ben’s speech and there’s a lovely moment of recognition, humour, warmth and closeness between them which I really really like in that image. Similarly, the dancing image at the end has a sense of real intimacy I think which sums up the day really nicely for me. It’s also the sort of picture that I think has a huge amount of lasting value.

From a personal point of view I’m really pleased with the one below of Ben’s best man fastening his cuff links. I love the angle and composition and I always really enjoy looking for a slightly unusual way of presenting storytelling images like this one.

However, my favourite has to be the one where Carly is having her dress fastened (above) and I love the reflections on the right hand side, the fact that you can see Carly both in the left and the right of the picture as well as the picture being about her bridesmaid having her make-up done. It’s a sort of double photograph  and I really like the fact that you have to just think twice when you look at it to work out what’s going on!

If you are planning your wedding and you are looking for a photographer to really capture the personality of your day then GET IN TOUCH – I would love to hear from you!


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