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“Thank you so much for the photos, they are absolutely fantastic! We really enjoyed looking through them, they are so lovely!” – Carrie and Chris

There have been several misjudged and unnecessary revivals of the horrifically cheese laden game show “Mr and Mrs” over the years. It was originally produced in the 1960’s in America (and frankly that’s where it should have stayed!) before being hosted by the appropriately named Derek Batty over here in the 1980’s.

You would have thought that would have been enough and that TV producers would have recognised a dead horse when they saw one but even Julian Clary couldn’t kick any life into this one trick pony in the late 1990’s. Unbelievably, “Mr and Mrs” reared it’s hackneyed head again in 2008 all glammed up with the word “celebrity” attached and with Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton steering the slowly sinking ship.

Anyway, Mr and Mrs was far more amusing in it’s most recent reincarnation at Caroline and Chris’s wedding where some insightful and thoughtful questioning revealed a close compatibility between them, several concessions to some minor but unusual character flaws and a keen sense of humour!

The glitz of the studio lights and the high-tech scoring system were replaced by the bride or groom’s shoes been held up in the air to answer the questions but the integrity of the format was withheld and we got a glimpse of the mighty game show’s former glory!

There’s a lovely image above from the Mr and Mrs quiz along with a few of my other favourite moments from the day below.


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