Downing College Cambridge Wedding // Alex and Jeremy

Bride and groom and wedding guests


“Thank you so much for these…they are absolutely brilliant and a fantastic reminder of such a happy day! – Alex and Jeremy


It’s quite a while since I photographed a wedding at Downing College and it was absolutely lovely to be back as it was every bit as fantastic and beautiful as I remember it being! It has a bit of a different feel to the other Cambridge Colleges in that the architecture is 19th century….in fact it’s apparently been described as the “oldest of the new colleges and the newest of the old” – a fact which may or may not help you to make sense of it’s historical context!


The overriding impression though is one of panoramic, majestic space with elegant columns and sweeping open spaces. It’s build around a huge square on three sides, they were apparently going to build the fourth side but ran out of money but, having the fourth side open gives the whole college a great sense of openness and space.

The “Downing” is the very same as is connected to Downing street. To be completely honest that’s as far as my knowledge goes but I think they were built by the same family!


Alex and Jeremy had a fantastic day with glorious sunshine and we spent the entire day at the college as Alex prepared for the day there, the ceremony was in the beautiful chapel and then the wedding breakfast and evening reception in the dining hall.


The image above is one of my favourites from the day – I love the spontanaity and the sense that you are actually there in the picture with them. It very much sums up the day in terms of it’s fun, laughter and the joy and energy that clearly runs between Alex and Jeremy.


There are some more of my favourite moments below.


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bridesmaids getting ready for the weddingbride having make up at Downing college Cambridge

Below: I’m certainly not an expert on what it feels like to see yourself looking amazing in full bridal make up! However I love this moment as Alex get’s to see herself in the mirror for the first time!

Bride and make upBridesmaid putting in earring at Downing College CambridgeWedding preparationsWedding preparationsHair and make up for a weddingBridesmaids preparing for a weddingWedding dress and bridesmaids

Below: Meanwhile Jeremy was meeting and greeting guests at the chapel door. I always try to get a good image of the groom in action at this time and there is often a great deal of hugging, welcoming and interesting interaction to be photographed!

Groom greeting wedding guests

Below: Just inside the chapel doorway, away from all the hustle and bustle I spotted this wedding guest gazing out presumably waiting for her friend/family. I really like the moment of contemplation and the lovely directional light.

Wedding guest waiting

Below: Again, a brief moment of contemplation at Alex waits in the chapel doorway with her Dad. Then, below that a moment later just before setting off up the aisle!

Bride and fatherBride waiting for her wedding ceremony

Downing college chapel wedding ceremony

Below: Sometimes I think you can’t beat a good rousing hymn at a wedding and Alex and Jeremy’s friends and family certainly belted it out!

Downing college chapel wedding

Downing college cambridge chapel wedding ceremony

Below: It was really nice to be actually allowed to photograph the actual signing of the register – often I can only do a set up shot afterwards. I much prefer the authenticity of the real thing!

Signing the register

Below: Hugs and congratulations……..

wedding hugswedding congratulationsBride and wedding guests

Below:………and then confetti and bubbles after Alex and Jeremy had walked through the arch of rowing oars.

Downing college chapel - bride and groomBride and groom and wedding guests

Below: Walking along the side of the college towards the reception in the fellows garden – just a flying moment of pure elation…….

Downing college wedding - bride and groomWedding cake against a red wallDowning College hall set up for a weddingDowning college wedding guests walkingDrinks receptionwedding guests

Below: Guests chatting and pointing people out!

Wedding guests chattingwedding guest and champagne

Below: Alex was chatting about her necklace and there was a lovely moment here as the lady took a closer look………

Bride and necklace

Below: The story being told here went on for some time with the reaction of shock and horror increasing as the tale became more and more convoluted!

Funny wedding guestDowning college gardens bride and groomBride and groom in downing college fellows gardensDowning college wedding

Below: I have a nice picture of this group selfie being taken but this is the moment afterwards as the bridesmaid is showing the picture around – I much prefer the emotion of this!

Wedding guests laughing

Below: This is the view of the dining hall through the main window – you can actually walk through it – it’s a full height massive sash window which I always think is quite cool!

Dining hall at Downing Collegewedding guests

Below: I love simple little images like this that just tell a story. Lovely light and a lovely moment as Alex and Jeremy put their arm around each other during the speeches.

Bride and groom arm in armWedding speechesspeeches - downing college cambridgeBride and groom during wedding speechesBridesmaids speech

Below: Then all of a sudden a massive sword came out to cut the cake with!

Cutting the wedding cake with a sword

Below: A guest in a moment of calm before the evening reception.

Wedding guest sitting on the steps

Below: I love the next few pictures as they were all taken when there was nothing much really happening in terms of the wedding as we were waiting for the evening reception but the people involved were just so animated and expressive! The awkward kiss is probably my favourite – it seemed to come out of nowhere and almost take them both by surprise!

Evening wedding guestsEvening wedding guestsWedding guests at Downing collegeDowning college wedding guests

Below: Grandad Skyping on a mobile. I love this  – look it’s grandad Skyping from the wedding!!

Guests on Skype

Below: Your joking! It’s just starting to rain………!

Checking the rain

Below: I couldn’t resist making this image of one of the band members waiting to play….

Wedding band memberWedding band

Below: …..and finally Alex and Jeremy’s first dance…..

First danceDowning college wedding first dance

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