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Emma and Johnny’s wedding photography, Cambridgeshire

Bride and groom walking in the fileds to their wedding reception


I have a plastic see  through bag in my camera kit. It`s possible to buy proper (expensive) waterproof covers for cameras but I have never bought one because I have never had need of one! The plastic bag is there just in case of absolute dire emergency in case I have to photograph in the rain, the camera goes into the bag with the lens pointing out and so stays nice and dry. In ten years of photographing weddings I have never used it or even contemplated using it until a couple of Saturday`s ago at Emma and Johnny`s wedding; just as Emma was about to arrive at the church the heavens absolutely opened, it poured for about five minutes and then reverted to being bright sunshine! Needless to say I didn’t have time to put the camera in the bag, it got wet but was fine and I spent the first few minutes of the ceremony drying it on my tie sitting on the floor at the back of the church! The second “first” at the wedding was the walk over the hills with all their guests after the ceremony to the reception. By this time it was blue sky and sunshine as you can see in the image. I love the view, the church in the background, the sense of the bride and groom leading everyone in a string up the hillside and, most importantly, that moment of interaction between Emma and Johnny just as the image was taken.

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