How long will you stay for on the day?

I can be available for the whole day (within reason!) and usually photograph from the last hour and a half or so of the bride’s preparations until a little while after the first dance. I don’t put a time limit on this as I don’t want anybody to be clock watching but generally reckon on around 10 hours coverage but am happy to be flexible. I photograph throughout the day apart from when you and your guests are eating.

Is travel included?

Yes. Travel is included up to two hours or 120 miles or so of Cambridge.

Do you need feeding?In general terms the answer to that is a resounding yes! However, I do not expect you to provide food for me but many of my clients do and it is always gratefully received!

How many pictures will we get?

I am far more concerned with quality than quantity and the number of images will often depend upon the size of the wedding, the venue and the weather. Generally speaking I produce between 150 and 200 images which are all included. This usually equates to an album design of between 40 and 50 sides.

Do you take formal group shots?

Of course! My style is 99% photo documentary but the group shots are really important. The key is in the planning  I will ask you how long you want to spend doing them and we will plan accordingly. They should, in my opinion, be fast fun formals and we need to plan who is going to be in them, where and when they are to be taken and who will help gather people in advance so that they are fun and stress free on the day.

When will the photographs be ready to view?

Usually within two weeks of your wedding day. This will include a full album design proof and an online gallery of all the images in the album.

How long will the album take to be ready?

Our albums are individually hand made to order and so take a little time to arrive! They are well worth the wait and, depending on the time of year, are ready 8 to 12 weeks after final approval of the proofs.

Who will photograph our wedding?

Me! Andrew. I will personally liase with you, photograph your day, edit your photographs and design your album. I have some administrative help but I am the person you will directly work with all the time.

What happens if you are ill on the day?

I have never missed a wedding  (in fact I photographed one with a fractured elbow) and things would have to be extremely bad for me not to be there. However, unexpected events do happen in which case I have several reciprocal relationships with other photographers and would endeavour to secure a replacement or you would get all your money back. I am fully insured for both public liability and indemnity so this would ensure your financial security. The only real way to avoid this slight risk is to go to a larger studio where there may be several photographers but there you may well miss out on the personal service and quality of brand that I provide.

Can we have our pictures in colour or black and white?

No problem. I will make the initial choice of black and white or colour but can change that if you wish. I love black and white and lots of my images are in black and white. I produce a beautifully warm prints which are unique to the Lightworks Photography brand.

What equipment do you use?

Nikon. I have never ever been let down by a piece of Nikon equipment.

We love you! How do we book?

Oh you lovely people! Generally it’s a good idea for us to meet to talk through your ideas and aspirations for the photography for your day. At this meeting I can show you images from several complete weddings, albums and wall art and answer  questions. I will go through our price guide and contract and then leave you to make your decision. To go ahead and finalise the booking I require a signed contract and a booking fee with the remainder of the balance payable one month before the wedding.