Five Favourite Moments // Helen and Aiden

Wedding speeches in the hall at Queens College Cambridge



“Wow, thank you so much, what a wonderful record of our day!………wanted to let you know Aidan and I love what you have done and really looking forward to perusing at leisure. (Couldn’t resist a few sneaky peeks at work! And have stayed up way too late looking now I’m home :-))” Helen


I love the picture above as it really epitomises a moment and a fleeting expression of interaction and connection. It’s during the best man’s speech at Helen and Aidan’s wedding and I was looking for a way of layering a picture to include both the expression of the best man in action as well as the reaction of the people listening. Often getting in close works really well and the immediacy of the picture helps it to jump off the page. I’m a musician by initial training and very much by nature and I often think that you should be able to “hear” what’s going on in a picture… can imagine the voices, the uproar and cackles of laughter in this one and it has a spirit and energy that allows you to create a little internal narrative as you look at it!


Bride outside Queen's College Cambridge


 Above: This was just after Helen had arrived outside Queens College in Cambridge. This was a busy summer Saturday and the bridge outside the porter’s lodge has to be one of the busiest areas in town – there’s a pub opposite, punting, ice cream, tourists, bikes and general Cambridge weekend chaos. This was a fleeting moment just after the wedding car had pulled away and we were about to enter the college – there are bridesmaids and Helen’s Dad just behind me – we wait for a moment and, amongst the constantly moving hustle and bustle I noticed Helen quietly standing, rather serenely holding her bouquet perfectly centrally, an oasis of calm. I framed her centrally and slightly blurred the hectic background – I love the juxtaposition between Helen and the business behind her.


Wedding guests at Queens College Cambridge


Above: Another moment where getting into the action and looking for the emotion and human connection really works. This is by no means a technically perfect image but it’s rawness and personality really works for me. These are the moments that bind us all together, that communicate so strongly and I want the viewer to gain a sense of being there and feel the energy of that split second.

Bride and groom by the river Cam


Above: For me this ones simply about composition, shape and lighting. What you can’t actually hear is the amount of noise coming from the river as it was heaving with people punting, many of them shouting out congratulations to Helen and Aidan as we walked along the river bank.


Mathematical Bride Cambridge wedding confetti


Finally confetti on the historical Mathematical Bridge at Queen’s. The bridge was build, according to mathematical principals, and held together only by wooden pegs. Basically it’s narrow and steep and, when used as a confetti tunnel becomes a squashing throng of humanity!


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