Gentlemen’s Preps

Wedding preparations


I’ve noticed an interesting trend over the last year or so and that is that I am increasingly being asked to photograph the gentlemen getting ready in the morning as well as the bride.


This is great for me as it allows a bit more variety in the images and fills a bit of a gap in the storytelling aspect of the day as well. It could be that I’m suggesting that I photograph both or maybe there are just more “gent’s prep” images around but it’s certainly a growing trend!


However, “the boys” themselves are generally a little bit reticent about the whole idea and always give the sense that they are begrudgingly allowing themselves to be photographed because the bride suggested it! After all, there really are only so many shots you can have of your make up being done! This slight embarrassment soon fades away as I try to blend into the proceedings as quickly as possible and they fairly much forget I’m there within a few minutes. That’s not to say that I’m completely passive and “background” as I’m frequently asked to help with tying ties and struggling with cuff links as well as helping attach the buttonholes. I have to say that generally a group of women getting ready are much more self sufficient!


The only challenge to this whole new development is a logistical one. I might be a super wedding photographer ninja but I currently don’t have the capacity to be in two places at once but, with a little bit of forward planning, some careful timing and liasing on the day this doesn’t seem to be too much of a problem. I guess having two photographers might help in this instance but there are pros and cons to that idea as you can read here.


So, here are a few pictures of the gents getting ready from a few recent weddings.


If you are planning a wedding and the gentlemen really do want to be photographed tying their shoe laces, buttoning their shirts and primping their buttonholes the GET IN TOUCH – I would love to hear from you!


Groom preparing for wedding

Above: This groom paid a quick visit to the Barber’s on the morning of his wedding – just to sort out that wayward bit of hair at the front!

Below: Last minute ironing!

Groom ironing wedding shirtWedding waist coat buttonsGroom getting ready for wedding

Below: Cuff links! Why oh why………they really are such a pain to put on and normally a two man job!

Grooms cuff links

Below: I love the sense of transformation here from casual trainer man to the man who needs a shoe horn to get those posh shoes on his feet!

Groom putting on wedding shoes



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