Gonville and Caius Wedding // Caroline and Andy – Twelve Favourite Images

Bride wedding preps at gonville and caius

“Andrew, the photos look amazing! We’re so pleased with them! We’ve finally selected the 20 photos that we’d like in our mini album – it was very hard to narrow them down as we love them all!” – Caroline and Andy

I often get asked if I get bored of photographing weddings at the Cambridge Colleges. It’s a tricky question to answer as I have been photographing weddings in Cambridge for 14 years now and I’ve probably photographed multiple times at most of the popular ones over the years. It becomes easy to not notice how beautiful the buildings are and how the sense of history just oozes from the stonework. It’s sort of become known as the “Harry Potter” vibe but I clearly remember walking through the cloisters at Jesus College at night time when I first came to Cambridge over 25 years ago. The choir were practising, their voices floating serenely through the night air and I had a shiver of recognition, a sense of the magic and the history that I still feel to this day.

However, I have to say, that I’m not massively interested in photographing buildings, old stonework and stained glass windows! For me, it’s the people at a wedding day that I find fascinating. I love photographing the interactions, the moments that go together to weave the story of the day, the laughter and the odd shedding of a tear. The venue, whether it’s one of the colleges, a hotel or a tipi in a filed is just the context – the container – it’s the filling, the warmth and the humanness that’s so enthralling even after all this time. The real magic is the honour of being part of such a private occasion, the sense of creating a valuable historical document of the day and the magic of that never really wears thin!

Caroline and Andy’s wedding was at the lovely Gonville and Caius College. It has the most beautiful courts and stonework, probably stained glass, a college choir and as many of the “Harry Potter” trappings as you could wish for. But the real story of the day was the joy and love between Caroline and Andy, the laughter between the bridesmaids, the emotion of the speeches and the atmosphere of celebration provided by the guests. There’s a selection of twelve of my favourite pictures below – I hope you enjoy them!

If you are looking for a “people photographer” to record the emotion and storytelling moments from your big day then GET IN TOUCH – I would love to hear from you!


Bride getting ready for her weddingwedding guestswedding guestsbride arriving Gonville and Caius weddingwedding at gonville and caiuswedding guestsweddingBride and groom at Gonville and caius college cambridgewedding guestwedding speechesWedding first dance at Gonville and Caius College Cambridge

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