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    Hi! I'm Andrew, welcome to my blog. I'm a photographer who photographs weddings, portraits and, well people really and I try to feature some, all or most of my work here on this blog. Apart from having a camera in my hand I love music, am a bit of a classic car nut and have two beautiful children. I also love chocolate, really nice wine, classic British comedy, barbeques, sunshine, holidays and having a really nice time! Feel free to browse through the pages, lurk in the shadows or get in touch! Enjoy!
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Great Wilbraham Farm wedding photography

Despite actually living only about 15 minutes drive from Great Wilbraham Farm it is one of those venues that, if I am not fully prepared, I take a wrong turning or get lost trying to get to! Rather sad I know but I do have a terrible propensity for going the wrong way in a car, much to my friend’s and family’s rather frequent frustration. Even my children have been known to shout “Dad! It’s that way!” –  I can hear my seven year old’s voice shouting in my ear as I type! Anyway, few things actually stress me out as a wedding photographer anymore but the one thing that does is the getting lost thing so, as well as checking equipment and timings etc etc before a wedding, I “street map”, “googleplaces” charge the sat nav and check the map – even for a trip 15 mins down the road!

I arrived for Clive and Jo’s wedding without mishap and some of my favourite pictures from the day are below.

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