Hannah and Jon : Four Pairs of Favourite Pictures

bridesmaids legwedding day reflection

“Thank you again for photographing the day – we already knew you were exactly the right photographer for us, but we are even more sure of it after seeing the images. You captured exactly what we wanted to see: the people we love enjoying themselves! And having the day re-presented to us in a beautiful photographic story really brings home how exceptionally good you are at combining realism (in capturing people behaving completely naturally) and art (in composing, lighting and selecting the images). Plus, considering how difficult the lighting was in every location, all afternoon, I think the quality of the final images is nothing short of miraculous. Thank you very much indeed!” – Hannah and Jon

It’s very rare that I see the opportunity to “re live” one of my favourite shots at a wedding and I could hardly believe it when I spotted the bridesmaid’s leg in the picture above. It just appeals to my sometimes slight quirkiness I think and I have an almost identical image in my portfolio from about five years ago  as well.

The reflection shot again allows me to indulge in one of my very favourite photographic devices as I love how a reflection often makes you decipher what’s going on and can give a slightly impressionistic feel to an image. I made the image above just after signing the register and I love the expression and the symmetry!

Below: Two lovely hugging shots just after the ceremony. Again I’m always looking for warmth of expression and emotion and these two pictures just give a lovely sense of the joy and feel of celebration just after Hannah and Jon had come out of the church.

bride hugginghugging wedding guest

Below: Wedding guests doing funny things: The two gentlemen were conducting a conversation across a crowded room in some sort of bizarre gesticulation/semaphore type of language – I’m not quite sure what they are trying to get across but it looks extremely serious and important! I would love to know what the wide eyed lady in the second picture was chatting about! I think all too often wedding albums are full of pictures of cakes and place settings but to me it’s the people that make the memories of the day and images of the guests are vitally important.

wedding guests

chatting wedding reception

Below: Hannah and Jon walked together through Cambridge city centre at dusk from the church to the reception. I find the image below really romantic – just a stolen moment of calm amidst the business of King’s Parade. You can just hear the women on the right chatting “Maud, Maud, look at them two over there…..Ooooooo, lovely, she’s got a big bouquet of flowers, you think they just got married?”….. I love the interaction as they passed in the last picture, just a fleeting moment of connection between complete strangers.

bride and groom on kings parade CambridgeCambridge city centre wedding

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