How to Book a Wedding photographer

Me taking a photograph

If I wasn’t a wedding photographer myself I would feel, well, overwhelmed doesn’t even come close!


Dear Lord how many of these people are there out there!? If I look online there are pages of them, if I look in a wedding magazine or blog they are spewing out all over the place and if I go out, actually in the flesh out to a real wedding show – heaven help me, they are literally falling over themselves to get my attention!


Big problem!


Actually, it’s all a bit of a blur and they all look pretty much the same. Most of their pictures look pretty good on their websites and they all say much the same thing about their approach, how they are passionate about their mega pixels and stuff. Where on earth do you start? What’s really important, and what questions do you really need to ask?


I feel your pain – I really do.


I wrote all of the blog posts on this page to try to help you wade through the information and to help you book the right photographer for your wedding. That photographer may well not be me and that’s fine but maybe I can guide you to the type of photographer that will record your day in a way that is truly right for you and will be right for you for decades to come when you look over the photographs.


Some of the posts are about different aspects of wedding photography, and some are a bit more about how I approach things but I hope they’re helpful.


I have also produced a really handy guide called “Ten Things to ask a Wedding Photographer Apart From Price” – drop me a line and I will email you over a copy.


As ever, if you have any questions or comments let me know – I’m always happy to chat.


Helpful wedding photography blog posts: