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Jesus College Wedding Photography – Carina and Tom

Generally speaking, I tend to reverse out of wedding ceremonies infront of the bride and groom photographing them happy and smiling and waving to their guests. Over the years I have perfected this walking backwards technique whilst taking pictures and, apart from tripping over the odd small child (whoops, sorry!) all generally goes smoothly.

Now, at Tom and Carina`s wedding the exit from Jesus College chapel is very small, very small indeed and, directly outside the door to the chapel is a large very echoey (there`s probably not any such word really!) cloister. So, at the end of the ceremony I am reversing out of the chapel, Carina and Tom infront of me, photographing away and, as I blindly maneuver myself through the very small chapel door way which at 6′ 5″ is a real challenge as there are steps and I have the camera to my eye all the time and the door is only about 5’10″, the large very echoey cloister is directly behind me and at the moment I step backwards out of the door immediately to my left and only inches away from my ear, totally, completely unexpectedly, in full Highland regalia a bagpiper starts to play at full tilt in the amplifying echo of the cloister! I literally nearly jumped out of my skin, managed to hold onto the camera and carry on but it was a huge, and very funny shock at the time!

There is an image of the piper below along with some other favourites from the day including Tom reading a very important and well discussed note before the ceremony, one just before the ceremony where Carina and her Dad exchange a lovely glance, a kind of double story signing of the registar shot and a great one of Tom and Carina during the speeches.

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