Longstowe Hall Wedding // Louise and Jon

Confetti at Bourne Church Cambridgeshire


“Andrew we are so happy with these photos, you have done an incredible job, thank you.  We had such an amazing day, we really really hoped that everyone else had enjoyed it too, and the photos you’ve taken really capture the emotion of the day, from looking at them we’ve been able to see people were thoroughly enjoying themselves, we are so happy.” – Louise and Jon


Weddings are full of narratives. Stories, and sub stories, plots and repeating patterns. There’s obviously the one over arching story of the couple actually getting married and the procession from preparations and excitement in the morning through to the fun and dancing in the evening, but within that larger story there are always many, many others.


Louise and Jon’s story, the main story of the day, is as good as they come. It involves two of the warmest and nicest people who you are ever likely to meet having the most fantastic wedding day in beautiful locations surrounded by friends and family who clearly adore them and think the world of them. Jon really did look like the cat who had got the cream all day. Louise was radiant in every way.


But their story also included a number of other star players – an 84 year old Grandad with the biggest mischievous glint in his eye you have ever seen (only matched by my own wonderful grandfather who had a similar old age joie de vivre about him!). He spent a lot of the day chatting away, causing slight mayhem and thoroughly, thoroughly enjoying himself. I love the picture below where he’s blatantly encouraging the bridesmaid to stuff cake in her mouth hoping that I’ll catch her in the act! He appears again lower down and I just love that momentary look at Louise, it says so much.


There was also the issue of Jon’s “surprise” transport for taking Louise to the church. There had been jokes about it being a Lamborghini (had to check the spelling of that!) or a moped and Louise had no idea what to expect until a beautiful 1960’s VW campervan arrived to collect her. The picture of Louise and Jon’s hands through the glass of the campervan window is one of my favourites of the day – on the other side of the van they were smiling out at all of their guests and posing for pictures and I really love the little private hand grip moment there.


Other stars of the day include the little bridesmaid you can see being held by her Mum looking earnestly down the church path waiting for Louise to arrive. You could feel her absolute excitement as her Mum was whispering to her “the princess is going to arrive soon…..”. There’s also the buttonhole that seemed to take at least four people to get it to stay in lace and I love the light and shapes in that picture. There was the best man’s daughter who, as he spoke with love and humour about how much his life had changed so much after having children, gazed and giggled at her Daddy clearly thinking he was the best and funniest man in the world. Not to mention the ball room dance enthusiast who whisked almost anyone he could get his hands on in a round the dance floor in a whirl.


But my favourite happened after the first dance. Louise and Jon did the obligatory honours in style, there was admirable gazing into each other’s eyes, excellent giggling and beautiful public romance. Then everyone else came onto the dance floor, Louise and Jon weren’t the centre of attention any more, they felt as though no one was watching them any more and then there was a beautiful long, genuine moment. Louise put her hands on Jon’s shoulders, leant in, closed her eyes and for a moment they were lost in each other. It’s the last picture here and I think a fitting end to a fabulous day.


If you would like all of the stories from your wedding day recorded then GET IN TOUCH – I would love to hear from you.


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