Longstowe Hall Wedding // Lucy and Dan

In my line of work, I find that surprise singing waiters crop up surprisingly frequently. You know the sort of thing, everyone is happily eating and chatting away when one of the waiters suddenly bursts into song….there’s a few moments of awkward disbelief from everyone and then, very soon, the whole room is singing, clapping and cheering! At Lucy and Dan’s wedding things even went a step further with impromptu dancing from the guests followed by vigorous napkin waving – I love it when things like this happen and you can see some of the pictures halfway down this page.

The other pictures are just some of my favourites from a lovely day. They are by no means intended to give a full narrative but will hopefully give a sense of the flavour of the day and the atmosphere. Longstowe Hall looked as spectacular as ever and the wedding ceremony itself was outside by the lake. We popped into the ballroom for a couple of pictures before the wedding breakfast was served in the marquee.

As ever all the images are natural and as they happened. I make it my job to be as unobtrusive as possible and just record the day in as an authentic way as possible.

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