Magdalene College Wedding // 15 Favourite Moments

Confetti at Magdalen College Cambridge

JD and Ana’s Magdalene College wedding took place last summer and was a medley of ancient Cambridge medieval history, English and Chinese wedding traditions and a number of personal and quirky touches that made it a unique and memorable day to photograph.


I started off in the morning photographing Ana and the bridesmaids getting ready in a relatively small room at Magdalene College it was wonderful busy mayhem with up to a dozen of her friends getting ready in there, two make up ladies and myself! Slight, but very fun chaos! The ceremony itself was outside in the courtyard in front of the historic Pepys Library and was followed by much chat, games and punting in the Fellow’s Garden. There was then the wedding breakfast in Magdalene College Hall before a change of scene for a traditional Chinese Tea ceremony outside, followed, logically enough by a Cadleigh and then some dancing to a DJ!


For me the highlight of the day was really the opportunity to photograph such a fun and energetic group of guests and family. There was constant giggling and chatter and much laughter throughout the day. The games in the garden were a great hit and there was always something going on somewhere that would make an interesting picture.


As ever, a few of my favourite moments are here and they are often little observations, interactions and commentaries that just make the day individual. I often think of my photography in terms of pictures that are part of the main thrust of the day such as the bride arriving and the ceremony itself and also pictures that are much more on the “inside”. Images that aren’t obvious, are little fleeting moments and it’s these inside moments that I think are the fabric that binds the bigger, obvious moments together.


So, we start off in the morning below with an image of Ana’s mum having here hair done with Ana and bridesmaid’s looking on. I love the shape and intimacy if the image. Ana’s Mum is very striking, very serene and quiet and spoke no English. I have to say that she has an almost regal sense about her. I thought it was completely hilarious therefore to catch her licking the lid of the yoghurt pot in the image below that! She really did think that no one was looking and that she’d got away with it!

Wedding preparations

Wedding moment

Below: The groomsmen before the ceremony. It was a hot day and they had been out together to buy drinks. I love the fact that they all bought the same, they are wearing the same and all took a drink at the same time!

Groomsmen outside Magdalen College

Below: The ceremony outside the Pepys Library.

Wedding at the Pepys Librarby Magdalen College

Below: There was then a lovely reception in the gardens. I love the moment of interaction between these two and how expressive her face is.

Wedding guest

Giant wedding jenga

Below: I think this has a slightly surreal quality to it with the two bridesmaids wandering around in the background. Unsurprisingly there were people taking selfies the whole day and I was trying to create an image a little bit different from the obvious.

Wedding guests

Guests chatting

In the fellows garden

Below: Not sure what’s going on here. I think they were having a conversation about the length of tongues as you do at a wedding! yes, it’s a strange picture but full of the personality of the people involved.

Guests chatting

Below: This group had an instant camera and were absolutely transfixed by the pictures it was producing all day – a great testimony to the appeal of the photographic print! They had a sit down to take stock at this point.

Wedding guests chatting

Bride and groom at magdalen College

Below: This lady had the patient of a saint! Two fractious children and a hot wedding don’t really mix particularly well but she smiled calmly for the whole day and made it though!

Wedding family

Below: The tea ceremony

Magdalen College wedding tea ceremony
If you are planning a wedding and you would like photographs that really capture the personality of your guests and tell the story of your wedding from the inside the GET IN TOUCH – I would love to hear from you!

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