Minstrel Court Wedding // Abigail and Ricky 15 Favourite Moments

Bride and groom at Minstrel court

Don’t you just love people who wear their hearts on their sleeves? The ones where you just know where you stand with them, who have a zest for life, love laughter and who are open, fun and authentic? Their joy is infectious, they are like a beam of warming light, a ray of sunshine that lights up a room and just being around them makes you feel good, positive and energised.

Abigail and Ricky had the most fantastic wedding day at Minstrel Court. The venue is beautiful and I have lovely images of laughter by the lake side, the sun dappled trees, the outdoor lakeside ceremony not to mention the fireworks in the evening. There are lot’s of beautiful images of guests enjoying themselves and of cakes being cut, bouquets and table settings, bridesmaids and magicians.

But, for me, the very heart of the day was the most powerful and moving testament to love that you could ever imagine. Every nuance of that warmth, sheer exhuberant joy and love was expressed in infinite detail throughout the day by Abigail’s expressions. All you could ever need to know about the true heart of what happened on that day is expressed in her face. It was really hard to choose a selection of images to reflect this but, in the end, I chose a small handful from a short period of time during the speeches.

It’s a microcosm of the day. It’s all written here in that short time span. The whole of the day was held in Abgail’s heart and subsequently written all over her face.


If you are planning a wedding and you want pictures that authentically capture the very heart of your day then GET IN TOUCH – I would love to hear from you!

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