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    Hi! I'm Andrew, welcome to my blog. I'm a photographer who photographs weddings, portraits and, well people really and I try to feature some, all or most of my work here on this blog. Apart from having a camera in my hand I love music, am a bit of a classic car nut and have two beautiful children. I also love chocolate, really nice wine, classic British comedy, barbeques, sunshine, holidays and having a really nice time! Feel free to browse through the pages, lurk in the shadows or get in touch! Enjoy!
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Much more me……..

So, after having belittled my “landscape” photography skills in my last post (OK, I’m not THAT bad! It just doesn’t really flip my switch, or maybe it would be great trekking up beautiful mountains looking for the perfect composition and amazing light and I haven’t really given it a proper chance…….I could take Kendal Mint Cake, or even better Kendal Mint cake smothered in chocolate!! It is NECESSARY in the hills!) I was rather chuffed to come across a lot of photographs whilst editing Tom and Pernille’s wedding from last Saturday which definately are… well I suppose much more me! Like this one………

I took this just as Tom and Pernille had walked down the aisle after their wedding ceremony at St John’s College Cambridge. I just love the sense of emotion in it, I love the sentiment of Tom’s kiss, The Chaplain’s expression but most of all this is an image about both emotional and physical connection. Emotionally the expression and body language says everything but I also love the warmth of the  physical connection between the chaplain and Pernille and Tom’s hand on her back gathering her into him. The whole picture is made by the beautiful echo of this by the boy in the background with his hand gently laid in the baby (Tom and Pernille’s son) in turn being held by Tom’s brother and by the baby clutching tightly onto his cuddly toy. So many connections!

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