Newmarket Wedding // Elizabeth and Joe

“Thank you for doing such a brilliant job with our pictures” – Liz and Joe

Liz and Joe got married in Snailwell near Newmarket on a beautiful summer’s day last year. I’ve chosen a few of my favourite moments below to hopefully show a bit of the individual flavour of the day. There are literally hundreds of other lovely images of people enjoying themselves, vows being said and cakes being cut but I always like to look for the individual moments that make each wedding day slightly special and different.

As ever, nothing below was staged or set up in any way and I work really hard on a wedding day to be as unobtrusive as possible. I think it’s my job to record the wedding as it really is, without influencing the proceedings, and to create a faithful historical record of such a special day for the couple and their family to look back on and reflect on in later years.

I hope you enjoy them! I will provide a bit of commentary between images as needed!

Below: When I arrived at the house in the morning I found Liz having her makeup done and her two bridesmaids in her bed!

Below: There’s something timeless and appealing about pocket watches. Does anyone ever wear them apart from at weddings?

Below: Liz’s Mum looking on. I do love a nice reflection shot.

Below: Joe’s best man offering some support and advice minutes before the ceremony began

Below: A lovely couple of moments between Liz and her Dad on the way to church.

Below: First look – Liz and Joe see each other for the first time.

Below: Just a really lovely moment of human connection after the ceremony

Below: Speeches – a moment as Liz listens to her Dad’s speech

Below: Another lovely Dad and daughter moment during the speech

Below: Mum and Dad really not wanting to hear the best mam’s revelations during his speech!!

Below: Why? The number of men I see trying on women’s hats at weddings is unbelievable!

Below: Deep in conversation after dinner.

Below: The big band in the evening. Dancing and then Joe playing trumpet in the band with his fan club cheering him on!

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