Orwell Wedding // Pete and Jess – 30 Favourite Moments

 “I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the lovely photos. They are absolutely brilliant and exactly the sort of thing we were after. We’ve shown them to lots of family and friends who have all said how fantastic they are too.” – Jess and Pete

I’m always surprised how often people will look at my wedding pictures and go “Oh, I know that person”, or “Isn’t that (insert name of choice) ex girlfriend’s brother’s boss”….or something similar. The same thing happens to me time after time. I go to a wedding and am surprised over and over again that I know maybe one or two people there or they were at a wedding I photographed a few weeks previously. I guess it helps that I have a good memory for faces (although I’m fairly terrible with names) and I’m a silly conspicuous 6′ 5” tall and fairly easy to remember!

However, I hadn’t quite had previous experience of the (rather delightful) surprise awaiting me when I arrived to photograph Jess’s wedding preps in the morning. I quickly realised that I had met two of the bridesmaids before but, for a moment I couldn’t place them. I had a fairly quick realisation but it took them a while to remember that, about 12 years previously, I had taught them in secondary school. In the early days of Lightworks Photography I did some part-time photography teaching in a local secondary school and both of the bridesmaids had been pupils! I took a moment to get over feeling extremely old, to apologise profusely for any suffering I had caused. They explained that there would be a number of ex pupils at the wedding and, apart from them rather embarrassingly insisting on calling me “Mr Hind”, it was absolutely lovely to catch up!

The rest of the day was awesome with a traditional church wedding in Orwell church followed by a marquee reception. As ever I have just included a few of my favourite moments here – there are pictures of cakes and tables etc but for me, it’s the human interactions and expressions that really tell the story of the wedding day.

If you are planning a wedding and you are looking for a photographer that photographs in a natural style and could even have taught you in secondary school then GET IN TOUCH – I would love to hear from you!

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