Parklands Quendon Hall Wedding // Hannah and Jake

Bride and wedding guest

I have to start by saying just what a belting wedding venue Parklands Quendon Hall really is! I hadn’t photographed there for a few years before Hannah and Jake’s wedding and I had forgotten that, to a certain extent, it really has everything you could wish for in a country estate wedding venue and is deservedly one of the most popular wedding venues in Essex. Quendon Hall itself is a 17th century mansion house and is set in 100 acres of deer park on the Essex/Herts border- it’s not the sort of deer park where you come away disappointed at only having glimpsed maybe a single deer in the distance – there are hundreds of them herding around, almost posing too perfectly in the distant landscape!


There are also beautifully landscaped gardens, tree lined walkways, a lake and a beautifully bright marquee with an adjoining drawing room and banqueting hall.


I started my day documenting Hannah and her bridesmaids getting ready before heading off to Saffron Walden to briefly photograph Jake and the gent’s finishing touches. The ceremony itself was at the amazingly beautiful and very large St Mary’s in Saffron walden before we headed off back along to Parklands Quendon Hall for the reception and evening celebrations.


As ever I spent the day looking for natural moments, interesting interacions between people and pictures that help to tell the story of the day.


I have added some of my favourites below.


If you are planning a wedding at anything from country manor with a deer park to your own home in the garden and you like pictures that are natural and authentic then GET IN TOUCH – I might just be the photographer you are looking for!


Bride getting ready at Parklands Quendon Hall

Above: Hannah and her bridesmaid sharing a joke. I love how Hannah has her hand over mouth in sort of fake shock and the picture is made for me by the bridesmaid’s reflection in the mirror in the background. I was lucky in that there were a number of mirrors in the room as well as you can see below – I do love a good reflection shot!
Wedding make up and reflections

Bride and mum
Above and below: Hannah and Hannah’s Mum and Jane and Jake’s Dad both helping them get ready – I like the symmetry of that! The one below that just appeals because of John Wayne looking on!
Groom and Dad

Getting ready for a wedding

Bride and Dad
A lovely shared moment between Hannah and her Dad here just as they are in the church doorway waiting to go up the aisle………
Bride at St Marys saffron walden
Below: ….and the first moment as Jake sees Hannah as he can’t resist looking round and seeing her walking u the aisle……
Wedding ceremony at St Marys Church Saffron Walden

Wedding at St Marys Saffron Walden essex
A great moment from the ceremony above. I was incredibly lucky in that, just as I was looking for a space to photograph the signing of the register this wonderful composition below opened up to me! I love how everything leads into the middle of the picture and the painting above just completes it.
Signing the register at saffron walden church

Register signing

Bride hugging

Bride and groom in saffron walden
Below: Three generations pointing out deer in the deer park over the Ha -Ha wall at Parklands Quendon Hall.
Parkladns Quendon hall wedding guests

Bride and groom
Below: I love this funny little image – it has a timeless quality about it to me and something rather charming………can’t quite put my finger on it……
Wedding guests

Confetti at parklands Quendon hall
Below: This rather quirky interaction happened in a fleeting second. I love the alignnment of limbs and lines and the statue looking on from the window makes it work.
Wedding guests chatting

Receiving line

Wedding speeches in the marquee at parklands Quendon hall Essex

Wedding speeches
Below: I noticed Hannah’s Mum and Dad in an embrace as they were doing the first dance and I just loved how they were standing watching…….I managed to get Hannah and Jake in the foreground with the parents looking on…….the couple on the right luckily add to the overall balance of the image!
First dance parents looking on.

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