Pictures in Pictures……

Pictures in pictures………What on earth do I mean by that? Well, I derive a great deal of enjoyment by finding interesting juxtapositions of events in one frame….does that make me a bit of a geek? Well, probably maybe, but for the viewer as well it can really help to add interest, provide context for an image and, most importantly give a sense of storytelling too.

In the image above I took a perfectly nice picture of the bride having her dress adjusted whilst here bridesmaids look on. However, to be honest, on it’s own it’s not the most interesting picture, it’s just recording what happened. However, once you add in the other bridesmaid sitting on the sofa it really comes alive! There’s a sense of three dimensions, a sense of two concurrent narratives and also a slightly funny commentary about the attentive bridesmaids in the kitchen contrasted with the one on her phone in the living room!


The same thing is happening below. Again a lovely but standard picture of the bride and groom during their wedding ceremony both kneeling and being blessed by the vicar. I was rather pleased to get the vicar’s hand in action but also, just for a moment the little girl came and kneeled in the aisle as well -perfect! A lovely echo of the bride and groom and just a really sweet moment where things just came together.

The picture below has the same idea. It’s a nice picture of the bride’s bouquet as she was holding it in the car but I love the fact that the little hand is passing a daisy through the window as well. No face…just the top of a head and a hand poking up!


So, these are the types of pictures I am looking for at a wedding. Pictures that tell the story and provide context. They are fleeting moments that are there one moment and gone another. I guess to a certain extent I have good luck in that things like this happen whilst I have a camera in my hand. However, it takes a bit of practice, a lot of patience and a sense of anticipation to guess what might unfold and be ready to photograph it.

If you are planning your wedding and looking for a photographer to really capture the spirit and flavour of the day then GET IN TOUCH – I would love to hear from you!

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