Register signing and photography

I have always been slightly confused by the rules and regulations often imposed on wedding photographers when photographing the signing of the register. Many officiants request that I don`t photograph the actual signing and just do the traditional “grab the pen and smile” shot after the real signing has happened. This is a real shame as I always think that this is a really important part of the whole day, not just because it marks the legal and formal aspect of the ceremony but because it is often a time when emotions are running high and there are often great photographs to be created!

The bride and groom are usually just completely relieved that they are married and as they sign the register it is often the first time that they have really get to see and speak to each other in the whole day! Parents are often congratulating the couple and there are often hugs and kisses and general smiles and relief all round! Just by way of example I have included a set of images all photographed at this time from a single wedding below. Have a look in my albums to see more examples.
Congratualtions at a wedding at Harlton church A great moment to be treasured!
Guest at a church wedding - Harlton cambridge …and also a great time for taking portraits! Expressions of joy and relief all round!
Congratulatory hugs at a wedding in Harlton Church
Again, such a valuable moment….
Coupe signing the wedding register - Cambridge I love the earnestness of this image – impossible to get in a set up shot.
Bride and groom signing the register Again this is so much better for being real, it has a beautiful shape, beautiful light, tells a story and has the lovely sense of movement and involvement of the vicar as he looks on.
Signing the register at a wedding at Harlton Church
A great moment of interaction here and a bit of a double photograph as the bride and groom act as a commentary to the person signing the document.

It`s always worth talking to who ever is taking your ceremony to ask if photography is permitted during the signing. It can be well worth while!

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