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My Approach

There are a number of different ways of formally describing my approach including photodocumentary, photojournalism and reportage wedding photography. They are all essentially interchangeable and mean that I record the day as an observer rather than influencing the proceedings by asking people to pose and setting shots up.

I think there are actually very few wedding photographers who completely photograph in this way, its certainly not easy and takes a number of years of practice and expertise to have the ability and confidence to carry out. Within the rather broad umbrella of the terms above I think I would describe my style as being pretty unique; I am naturally drawn to quirky little moments and interactions, expressions of emotion and interesting juxtapositions of elements that go together to make each wedding individual.

I aim to achieve this in the most unobtrusive way possible and work hard to blend in, not intrude and react and interact with the natural flow of events. The result is an emotionally intelligent, visually sympathetic and authentic record of your day as individual and unique as each wedding itself. I also love black and white imagery and feel that it is vitally important that each image shows context, has meaning or is part of the storytelling process. I often photograph with album pages in mind as my photography is about flow, context and storytelling rather than single, isolated images. Have a look at some of my complete albums here.




My work has been recognised by the Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalists Association and I now have over ten years experience of photographing a huge variety of different wedding celebrations. It would be great to hear from you to find out more about your ideas and plans for your wedding photography. You can contact me here.

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