Seven Pointless Wedding Traditions

Throwing rice and confetti at a wedding at Elsworth church Cambridgeshire


Weddings are crazy events in many ways – when else would you wear a massive dress or full suit and eat a hot three course meal in the middle of the day at often the hottest time of year!


Inevitably over the years we have inherited a number of wedding “hand me downs”  that, frankly, really deserve to be sent back to where they came from two centuries ago. However we do like a bit of tradition in the UK and there are very few weddings, no matter how “different” and “personal” they are trying to be, that manage to completely shake off at least some of the pointless and dated traditions of the past!


So, without further ado here are seven pointless, outdated, silly and ridiculous wedding traditions that we still like to keep!


1) Catching the bouquet – so the idea here is that “all the single ladies” (how I hate it when the DJ plays this tune when the bride is actually throwing the bouquet) are desperate in their lonely plight of singledom and, desperate to find their own happiness, the one that catches the bouquet will be the next to marry. Come on …really! Have you ever seen the unladylike rugby scrum of clammering painted fingernails or seen the results of a jumping stilettoed foot landing on another? I wouldn’t be that keen on proposing to anyone who was competitive enough to catch it anyway!


2) The brides parent’s paying for it all – you must be joking! Have you seen the prices of photographers these days – never mind the rest of it! As the father of two girls I really don’t think that this is a good idea at all – I would want to see some commitment from the bride and groom (of the financial sort) and also from the groom’s parents. More seriously you really do lose all control of your wedding if you aren’t paying for at least some of it yourself.


3) Inviting Extended Family – am I alone in having rather unusual distant relatives that I only see at weddings and funerals? Surely your wedding is about having people around you that you love, care about and get on with and that you can really celebrate with. Surely gone are the days when we have to invite people to your wedding just because you should – it’s not being uncaring, it’s just being realistic.


4) Giving away the bride – Ok, I can see the point of the tradition in this and I would want to walk my daughters down the aisle but the whole idea of either of them being my property to give away is a bit Medieval. Would I want to have the potential groom to ask my permission to marry my daughter? Yes he had better do and I vet the boyfriends like Scotland Yard….no, only joking – I think you have to equip your children as best you can to make the best decisions they can and then support them whatever – gulp!


5) The bride and groom not seeing each other just before the wedding – why?


6) Throwing rice rather than confetti – last time I photographed this the pictures were lovely and the wedding and the couple fantastic but I HATE people throwing rice at me. It hurts, it gets all in my clothes and is spikey, it gets into every nook and cranny of my camera bag and it sticks in your hair. Rice was designed for eating with curry and beer and that’s the only thing it’s good for….I remember one very rainy wedding where the guests threw rice, in the rain, and it all landed on slippery church flag stones – can you imagine the mess!? Confetti or petals every time please!


7) Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue – if you’re worried that the happiness of your marriage is dependant on gathering and wearing some old jumble then just DON’T GO THROUGH WITH IT! It’s on a par with black cats crossing your path, not walking under ladders, not sneezing on Tuesdays and other such hocus pocus clap trap!


I hope all of that was helpful – maybe a bit contentious? Do you agree with me or have you got any traditions you can add – leave a comment and let me know!

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