Signing the Register // Deborah and Andrew

“We have been going through our wedding pictures and they are amazing.  They really capture the mood of the day perfectly – a fun day filled with love, laughter, families and friends!  Family and friends have loved looking through the pictures.  Thank you!!” – Deborah and Andrew

Signing the registar always seems to me to be a really significant part of the marriage ceremony. The marriage certificate will go through with the couple for the rest of their lives and it’s the first time that they really get to have a bit of a chat during the wedding ceremony as well.

So, bearing in mind the importance of the signing ceremony, I’m always slightly disappointed to find out that I’m not allowed to photograph the actual signing of the register but only able to take pictures of a fake signing after the real event. This does happen quite frequently and the only real reason is that the marriage certificate is a legal document and by photographing it you are in essence making a copy of it!

It’s probably worth saying at this point that the last thing on my mind when photographing the signing of the register is the document itself! I am always careful not to get close to it so that it’s not really in the shot but it is the expressions and actions of the people involved that are much more interesting.

Luckily I was allowed to photograph the actual signing for Deborah and Andrew’s wedding and I’m really glad! the light was really good and there were some lovely expressions between the bride and groom. There is a real sense of relief that the main formalities of the day are over and it also documents an important pert of the day for the couple as well.

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