Small Moments and Quiet

Bride at Cambridge registry office wedding
Often it’s the small quiet things that are important. It might be a look, an exchange of glances or a momentary gesture but often these tiny and often not really seen moments can be the most telling. For me, I really enjoy looking for these little gems of human behaviour and interaction and it doesn’t really matter if the wedding is big or small, grand or intimate – inside the wedding, (if that makes sense) hidden within the shell of the whole spectacle these little silent moments are always there.


I love this picture of Amy. Her whole expression as she looks at Will just before the moment that she places the ring on his finger. The way she is holding the ring and just the look in her eye is magical. It’s the moment of commitment, the moment where everything changed and the moment they had been waiting for for months! Nobody else saw this apart from Will and it’s here for them to relive in years to come. Imagine Amy looking at that picture in twenty years time, being swept back to that moment, reliving how she felt. Imagine looking at it as one of their children. It really is an image of family history in the making.


The other pictures below are all little quiet moments from Amy and Will’s day. Of course there are pictures of cakes being cut and confetti being thrown but these small pictures – little intimate frames of life – tell the story from within. One of may favourites is the “beep on the nose” shot – it’s just a bit quirky and funny. I love the one of the old gentleman in that lovely light telling his stories, Will taking a tissue before the ceremony just in case and the genuine joy and delight as Amy and Will hug as he sees her for the first time and meets here just before their wedding ceremony.


If you would like the small, quiet moments of your wedding beautifully documented then GET IN TOUCH – I would love to hear from you.

Holding hands with confettiBride and groomGroom with tissue boxBride holding her wedding ringBride hugging a friendWedding guest in nice lightBride and small wedding guestWedding guests noseReading a story at a wedding

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