South Farm Wedding // Amy and John – 24 Favourite Moments

confetti at south farm

Amy has a delectable North Eastern accent and, at our planning meeting she looked me in the eye, held me with a serious gaze and said “you had better watch out….there will be a lot of noisy Northerners there”! Awesome I thought! That’s actually just the sort of day I love with lots of chatting, lots of fun and the slight hint at the possibility of misbehaviour! In fact, I’m closely related to a lot of noisy Northerners myself, although my partner’s side of the family can “out noise” anyone, so I had a day of feeling completely at home!

As it turned out, as far as I’m aware, everyone was very well behaved and had a great time! South Farm was very much the perfect venue for a completely stress-free and relaxing. Without different venues to go to and from I was able to photograph both Amy and John’s preparations in the morning before going out into the gardens for the ceremony. The lake really is a beautiful setting for the ceremony and the gardens and terrace are perfect for the drinks reception.

One of the highlights of the day for me were the speeches which contained a number of heartfelt and also slightly embarrassing moments for Amy and John. I always love listening and finding out a bit more about people at this time of the wedding day. It always feels a bit of a privilege to be asked to record such personal and private moments and it’s the time of day where everyone generally really lets their hair down and starts to enjoy themselves – great for photographing!

As ever, there’s a small selection of some of my favourites from the day below. It’s always hard choosing and I now realise that I haven’t included any from the very entertaining receiving line or also any from the moment where Amy took a massive swig from John’s hipflask (followed by much dramatic coughing and spluttering!)

If you are planning your wedding and you are looking for a photographer who isn’t phased by noisy Northerners or hipflask swigging brides then GET IN TOUCH – I would love to hear from you!

Below: When I first arrived Amy was almost completely reclined having her make up done! There was certainly no wedding morning stress or rushing around here!

Bride getting ready at South Farm

Wedding preparations

Below: A lovely quick moment with Amy and her bridesmaids…..

Bride and bridesmaids

Below: I love this as it was a particularly “hard won” image on my part and took me about 20 minutes of on and off trying to get as I wanted! the bridesmaid was busy with her makeup and I was determined to make the image without her knowing or being disturbed!

Make up mirror

Below: A nice moment between John and his Best man as they got ready.

Groom and best man getting ready at south farm

Below: A lovely moment and I tried to make the image more interesting by including the reflection!

Bride hug and mirror

wedding champagne

Below: I really like this as it was a completely natural moment of luck and timing really. To me, it’s a nice way of showing the venue and adding a bit of context and personality as well.

groom outside south farm

Below: Final preparations. I love the sort of “inside images” like the one of the bridesmaid’s close attention to the back of the dress bottom right….

bride getting ready at south farm

Below: Just an appealing composition and moment between two wedding guests.

wedding guests

Below: The beautiful outdoor setting at South Farm

outdoor wedding at south farm

Below: I’m always looking for moments of interaction and character. I think this image gives a real sense of what was going on and conveys the emotion of the moment.

wedding ceremony at south farm

confetti at south farm

Below: Wedding guests during the reception

wedding guests outside at south farm

bride and wedding ring

Below: Two lovely moments during the speeches. One of Amy’s reaction to her Dad’s speech – you can almost imagine what was being said!- the other as John needed tears wiping from his eyes!

wedding speeches at south farm

Below: I just love this ladies reaction to me making a photo of here carrying coffee!

coffee at south farm


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