South Farm Wedding : Claire and Chris 10 Favourite Moments

Very happy bride and groom

It’s not very often that a bride and groom actually run out of their ceremony! I have to say that even I was taken by surprise by the sheer energy and exhuberance of Claire and Chris as the music struck up at the end of the ceremony and they literally danced and ran together up the aisle! The wonderful garden and outdoor setting at South farm was the perfect backdrop for such an emotional and personal ceremony – such a lovely moment and one that really encapsulated the energy, fun and spontaneity of their day!


I think I was looking rather less glamorous as I was literally running backwards in front of them, camera in hand! Backwards running is a skill that every wedding photographer worth his/her salt should perfect and if you can do it whilst shooting and with a bag full of camera gear slung over your back as well then you are really doing well!


I have included a small selection of some of my other very favourite moments from Claire and Chris’s day as well which started with preparations at South farm and ended with dancing in the barn. I also had great fun the next morning photographing a post wedding barbeque where I was rather taken aback to find everyone, including the bride and groom, still dressed in full wedding attire from the night before!


Below: Just a fleeting moment in the Bridal Suite at South farm where Claire caught a glimpse of herself in her veil all ready for her ceremony. I always think it must be such an emotional and rather strange moment seeing yourself in the dress and all ready to get married. Claire had been getting ready with her bridesmaids and Mum and this was literally moments before the ceremony just as everything was finally ready.

Bride getting ready at South farm

Below: I just love this moment when Chris sees Claire for the first time. I always look for the first glance between bride and groom as it’s such a powerful and defining point on the wedding day. Claire and Chris were married “on the water” at South farm and the actual moment of the rings going on is below as well!

South farm outdoor weddingSouth farm wedding

Below: Running out of the ceremony and one of many warm and lingering hugs.

Very happy bride and groomGroom hugging a wedding guest

Below: Claire’s Dad’s speech with a slightly embarrassed Chris, a bridesmaid howling with laughter in the background and Dad looking rather pleased with himself! I always think that in good pictures you should almost be able to “hear” what’s going on and I think these speech pictures are a good example of that.

Wedding speeches

Below: Chris’s speech thanking the bridesmaids and below that a lovely picture of the Claire and Chris listening to the best man’s speech which did actually involve a slideshow and numerous embarrassing and amusing stories about both of them!

Speeches in the barn at South farmBride and groom wedding speeches

Below: Claire and Chris’s first dance and dancing in the evening in the barn at South farm.

South farm first danceSouth Farm wedding dancing


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