Ten Shocking Facts About Your Wedding

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Now I’m a bit of a realist. Don’t get me wrong – I can be romantic, spontaneous and idealistic alongside the most deluded of my friends (!) but, deep down I generally take the view that if it’s going to go wrong it will! I’m not particularly morose or pessimistic in my demeanour but my inner Yorkshireman and rather dry sense of humour generally dictates that I will usually expect the worse. I have a dear and very funny friend who takes the view that if you always expect the worse to happen, if things turn out better than that then it’s cause to celebrate!


Happily, things generally do turn out much better than I expect they will so I’m generally in a happy place. I think that’s a much better way to be than to be perpetually expecting everything to be wonderful and then going through life in a constant state of disappointment!


Weddings are a great case in point. Whatever you do, don’t expect your wedding to be perfect. In fact, if you are prepared for the worse then, when it doesn’t turn out so bad you will be thrilled!


So, here are ten not great things that will probably happen at your wedding. Be prepared, embrace the misery and feel the joy when it all turns out OK!


1) You will be physically and mentally exhausted

Everyone describes the emotional roller coaster but be prepared for the fact that it might physically feel a bit of a struggle as well. It’s very easy to not eat in the morning when you’re getting ready and all too easy to drink too much champagne. If you follow this on into the afternoon with just a few nibbles of canapes and more champagne you can really start to feel worse for wear by dinner time. It’s very possible that you will become dehydrated and over hungry – not a great combination – throw a hot day and a big dress into the equation and you can see what could happen!


2) You won’t speak to your husband

Everyone will be demanding to talk to you and you both will inevitably not spend that much time together. It’s actually incredibly difficult to get a photograph of the new couple together as a photographer because they are just too busy! Think about it…….you don’t really get chance to chat during the ceremony, when you come out it’s all hugs confetti and shouting, at the reception you will feel as though you need to speak to all of your friends and family etc etc etc. It’s virtually impossible to get a few moments alone unless you pre plan it!


3) You will have a wedding meltdown

At some point, probably a few days before the big day a few things will not quite be going to plan, you will feel under quite a bit of pressure, probably be a bit over tired and excited and you will go into meltdown. I shout and stamp my feet like a demented toddler when it happens to me…….you will have your own way…….you know what it is!


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4) Going for a wee will be a nightmare

I’m assuming that you have some very close bridesmaid friends because, well I don’t know the details, but I do know that it takes some brides a VERY long time and a lot of dedicated bridesmaid helpers to negotiate a bodily function and a wedding dress. Did you really imagine that you would keep your dignity intact? You have been warned!


5) Your dress will get dirty and will tear

At the very least the underside will become dusty and dirty, flies frequently get trapped inside the layers, leaves and twigs stick to them as well. You probably aren’t used to dragging around a long train so you’ll probably catch it on something – if that doesn’t happen then it will possibly get trodden on and torn….it’s very difficult to negotiate dance floor in a big dress in the semi darkness without some sort of minor sartorial disaster striking.


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 6) Your family will annoy you

As with most families you probably love them all dearly but equally they do your head in! They will never all be where they should be, they will always forget to bring something important, you will never be able to get them all together quickly for the family photographs, one might get too drunk, one might just try to take over, one will probably say something they really shouldn’t. They certainly won’t be perfect on your wedding day but it’s your friends and family that will make it so special as well!


7) It will all feel like a mad rush

Everyone always says that your wedding day flies by. Indeed it does, in fact you might find that despite all of your careful planning, everything feels like a bit of a mad rush and you don’t really have time to savour the moment. You could well feel that you have missed out and that you didn’t have time to do all of the little things that you wanted to do. Weddings inevitably run late, time schedules slip and it can often be a struggle to fit everything in.


8) Someone will let you down

At some point someone won’t quite do what you expected them to do. You might find that a friend won’t put themselves out or that someone who you really thought would come simply doesn’t. You might feel that you are lacking in support from someone that you thought you could rely on or that someone does something that you feel isn’t appropriate for the occasion. Conversely you could well find that someone that you really didn’t expect to comes up trumps and you see them in a completely new light!


9) You will worry that everybody is having a good time

You might be having a great time but you might well worry that everyone else isn’t. You could become quite worried about this and stress about the fact that you haven’t had time to get round and speak to everyone. Not everyone will have a good time, some people find this type of large event tiring and stressful, it’s quite possible that they are only there to be polite!


10) You will be relieved when it’s all over

It’s supposed to be one of the best days in your life but it’s also a huge stress. It can be such a relief when all of that planning and organising is over, you’re married, everyone leaves you alone and you’re not the centre of attention anymore. Anyway not to worry – you hopefully will have an amazing honeymoon to look forward to!


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