The Sheene Mill Wedding : Mark and Helen 8 Favourite Moments

Sheene Mill Royston wedding confetti
“Andrew has a warm and engaging manner, so as well as knowing what he is doing and producing a superb end product, he was a pleasure to work with at every stage of the planning process and on our wedding day itself” – Mark and Helen

I love the picture above from Mark and Helen’s wedding at The Sheene Mill near Royston. It’s just the immediacy and the emotion on their faces, I love getting really involved in the action like this so that you almost feel as if you are actually there when you view a picture like this! I think there’s also something really nice and spontaneous about a “random” confetti throw rather than lining everyone up in and them all throwing together!


Below: It was a bit of a rainy day but that didn’t make any difference to the atmosphere. I do have a bit of a thing for reflections and patterns as they can make a relatively ordinary scene just resonate and hold your interest that little bit longer. I was kneeling in the pouring rain for the one below and spotted the contrast of the colours of the umbrella and the black of the car as Helen arrived at the church.

Bride and umbrella

Below:…..and in this one, from earlier in the day, the reflection is actually along a TV screen and it just adds some depth and compositional interest. I was waiting for the exact moment that the make up was applied to complete the story! In the make up shot below that I love the light and again the intimacy of the moment. I think Helen’s rather pensive expression makes this shot and I again it just records a moment as something was about the happen – the make up artist’s fingers are poised and positioned beautifully – almost like a ballerina’s legs!

Sheene Mill wedding morning preparations

Wedding morning make up

Below: Meanwhile, waiting in the church Mark comment’s that he’s not nervous at all and that his hands are steady as a rock! In fact he was shaking like a leaf if I remember correctly and the guest on the left was all too happy to point that out to him! To me, this is the type of picture that my client’s will really value and that will transport them back to the real emotions of the day. This was a fleeting moment and, on the face of it a very ordinary gesture, it’s not glamorous (sorry mark!) or dramatic but has a real value and communicative power if you understand it’s context.

Trembling hands!

Below: Signing the register in the church and a lovely moment with a “triple story” going on at the same time. Mark and Helen share a joyful exchange on the right whilst you can almost hear the conversation on the left as their witness takes the pen and signs the register. There seems to be a bit of careful consideration going on between the vicar and the gentleman in the middle as well.

Wedding register signing

Below: One very happy wedding guest!

Happy wedding guest at The Sheene Mill
Below: Taken during the speeches at Sheene Mill. I always enjoy the speeches and it’s always a nice opportunity to find out a little bit more about people and I also feel a bit of a privilege as I’m generally the only person in the room who isn’t family of friends at that point. I was particularly impressed, being a keen cyclist myself, to learn about Mark’s cycling adventures including a 100 mile over night ride with his best man!

Sheene Mill Wedding Speeches
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