The Slacker’s Guide to Wedding Planning

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OMG it’s you’ve still got your wedding to plan!

Everyone tells you that you should have got it all in the bag months ago but, well, life gets in the way and trawling wedding websites gets a bit much sometimes. There really are much more exciting things to do like getting on with real life and last year at least it always seemed as though the big day was ages away as it was,well… next year!

Well, it is next year now and, gulp, D day is loomimg! So, if you’re miles behind with your planning and your chilled out wedding vibe is in real danger of being rudely broken what can you realistically do to help things along?

Ask for help!

Get everyone involved and delegate! It’s very possible that you’ve got an extremely keen friend who absolutely adores all this wedding stuff darling and would be only too delighted to take as much of the planning, poring and perusing off your hands as you would like. If that is the case you only need to maintain over all control and your friend may well be thrilled to do all the leg work! Job done! At the very least it should be possible to assign individual tasks to different people – one to be in charge of flowers, one to sort out transport etc. They can find out the facts, present you with the information and you can then make the final choice. This is immensely time saving for you, great for team morale and is much more common than you would think. I frequently get enquiries from the bride’s Mum, bride’s best friend, best man etc on behalf of the couple.

First things first

You actually only need your dearly beloved, some sort of venue, an officient and a couple of witnesses. Start small by getting these vital things in place and then work upwards. I’m assuming you have already done the hard part and found a fiancee – trust me it gets easier from here onwards! Also, don’t be restricted as to the type of venue you could have – keep it simple – I’ve photographed great weddings in orchards, back yards, woodland and barns. You really don’t have to keep to traditions – try not to become stressed out by your perception of other people’s expectations and plan a day that suits you. In many ways the simpler and more personal the better.

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Hire a wedding planner

Or at least get your venue to do more than you initially planned for them to do – if you really are stretched for time at this point thenit might well be worth contacting your venue (if appropriate!) and asking if they an become more involved than you originally planned for. They may well be able to help with the little details and save you a large amount of time. They will also be able to recommend suppliers tat could well take you ages o find your self. Similarly hiring a wedding planner to take on some or part of the planning can be a huge relief. You will be able to discuss what you want and leave them to is to source and supply. Often they are able to negotiate discounts and save you a hufe amount of time and stress whivh can go a long way to compensating for the extra cost involved in hiring them.

Don’t look at wedding blogs

…on Facebook or in wedding magazines. Trust me the DIY detail wedding porn that these publications produce can seriously stress you out. Looking at this sort of thing gives you wedding envy, makes you feel inadequate and only reminds you of all of the stuf that you think yu might have forgotten. Remember plan a day that suites you – the simpler and more personal the better!

Make a timeplan

There’s nothing worse than flailing around in disorganised mayhem with a big deadline looming! Work backwards from the wedding day and make a monthly and weekly plan of what needs to be done. Tick things off as you have done them and review the plan, amending as necessary on a weekly basis. It’s surprising how calming planning can be, we all find having good intentions soothing and reassuring – the most important thing is to make sure that you actually carry them out ……..GET ON WITH IT!


If you’re a bit of a slacker but are looking for a wedding photographer who is super organised, experienced, plans thoroughly beforehand but will probably fit in really well with your laid back and rather slack attitude then EMAIL/PHONE/TEXT ME – I’d love to hear more about your wedding!

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