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You might well have heard of “slow TV”..?

It’s a sort of anti-mindless bombardment of the banality and sensationalism of all of the utter rubbish my children watch on the telly.

The antithesis of action and emotional entertainment. It’s the equivalent of going on a long journey by bike and stopping off to chat to people, pass the time of day, sip tea and eat cake rather than hurtling down the motor way and stopping of at Burger King for a “crappy meal” or whatever they are called!

Anyway the “slow TV” phenomena has featured lawnmowers being taken apart piece by piece and then…….erm just put back together again piece by piece. The same with hairdryers and other household appliances.

You get the drift!

It’s TV from the 1940’s and how we love this type of homely, comforting nostalgia – particularly in the uncertainties of the current world climate.

So, this is my contribution to slow TV. It’s some “highlights” from a day I spent assembling a wedding album.

A record of a labour of love and one that’s becoming a bit of a lost art amongst many wedding photographers who really can’t be bothered any more to produce this type of hand crafted bespoke product.

The production values are dubious to say the least, it’s incredibly slow and I repeat myself several times. Whatever you do don’t just sit there and watch from start to finish – it’s an hour long!

So, grab a nice fresh cup of tea, settle down comfortably, and we will begin……


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