Wedding Photography Mentoring

Andrew HindMaking a living as a professional wedding photographer is tough. I should know, I’ve been doing it since 2003.


I’ve seen huge changes in our industry over the years and today’s market place is both highly competitive but also full of potential and opportunities as well.


Perhaps you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and over worked? Maybe you feel that you’re wasting your time on marketing strategies that just aren’t working, or maybe you really need to find out who you are as a photographer and find your creative voice.


I can help.


I’ve been through everything that you are going through, made very mistake that you have made, had triumphs and failures just like you. But I’m still here! And I have learned SO much along the way!


I’m a good listener, nothing really phases me, I’m worldy wise and enthusiastic, easy to talk with, chatty, non judgemental and I really do know my stuff when it comes to photography and, more importantly, running a photography business. It is after all how I have fed my children and put a roof over our heads since 2003!


Now, I’m not offering a glamorous day of photography and chat in a swanky hotel. I don’t want to meet you once, tell you all about what I think you should be doing, take your money and never be seen again. I’ve done trainings like these and they give some value but I want to do better.


It’s all a bit more down to earth than that!


I want to get really involved in your business, be part of your progress, aid and nurture your growth and development and really get to know you. That makes it so much more rewarding for me as well. I was a teacher in a previous life and that nurturing and communicating gene just won’t go away!


So, let’s do this….


A Quarterly Skype consultation – a long, in depth Skype consultation every three months to really go through stuff in detail. No holds barred, no fluff, no filler, no time limit – just high quality actionable advice specifically tailored for you and your business. I will ask you to email me a few areas you would like to cover before hand so that I can be prepared and I will send you a written summary and action plan after the session. We can cover any topic from marketing to workflow, equipment, shooting techniques, branding etc etc etc – whatever you need. In the first session we will look at a long term plan and the following sessions will be used to reinforce and implement the plan.


This is so much better than just having a single session as the quarterly sessions focus you into making progress, give you a sense of continuity and of ongoing support. The three month intervals are optimum in giving you the opportunity to implement the strategies and information discussed in each session.


A Monthly online chat day – as you work through your action points you will no doubt have questions. I will provide you with a regular day each month when I will be available for the working day to online chat through any issues you may be having or any questions you might like to ask.


Ongoing email support – I will be available for you via email for ongoing support and aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours during the working week.


So how does that sound?


With my experience and knowledge and your hard work we really can make a big difference to your business.


Payment is a simple £50 monthly fee. You can stop whenever you want and the first Skype consultation is free so that we can make sure that we are a good fit and that I can really help you.


So, GET IN TOUCH WITH ME NOW and let’s start building your wedding photography business together.