Wedding Planning Help

Andrew Hind - portraitI’m always interested in how people go about planning and organising their weddings. For example you can tell a lot about a couple at their wedding planning meeting when you ask them about timings or family group shots for the day. Some will pull a massive folder out of their bags bulging with lists, receipts and brochures. Others will whip out a laptop and a spreadsheet (scary!) whilst others still will have clearly only have just thought about such things on the way to the meeting and scribbled them down on the back of an envelope!


None of these are right or wrong and I have to say that I have never photographed a wedding that has been an organisational disaster. Everyone has their own style in terms of planning but, with something as big as a wedding a bit of help can go a long way! With this in mind there is a collection of links below to posts that I have written that will hopefully help you along your way a little.


You can also download my very handy guide “Stress Free Wedding Planning for Beginners” by clicking here.


Some helpful wedding planning blog posts