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“We have just had so much fun looking through all the photos. They are exactly what we hoped they would be and more! So natural and we both look so so happy!!! Thank you so much they mean the world to us they really do. We will treasure them forever” – Harriet and Jonny


It’s an electrifying feeling.


It sends tingles up your spine and tears involuntarily well up behind your eyes as for a moment you feel a disparate swell of humanity all think and feel the same thing at exactly the same time.


Like iron filing whipped into line by a magnetic field or a shoal of fish in perfect synchronisation.


It’s a tremendously powerful experience as a whole room is suddenly moved to fighting back tears, or helplessly giggling. A piercing moment where everyone is brought to collective silence or uproar and there’s a collective energy and understanding, an unspoken and inexpressible unity.


I’ve experienced this so many times during the speeches at weddings where completely enthralled throngs of people become utterly gripped and attuned in electrifying intensity.


Sometimes it’s stories of the groom’s childhood, college drinking exploits or other hilarious family tales. But it’s the stories of struggle and achievement that really get you, those are the ones that really stamp on your heart as 100 people are all simultaneously gripped with emotion – remembering the loss of parents, dark times, soldiers who had literally been to hell and back together and grown men standing proudly sobbing unable to speak in front of every person they love and care about.


Speeches have changed a lot over the last few years in that couple’s often don’t have the standard Father of the bride, Groom then Best Man running order anymore and they are often not restricted to after the meal either. Speeches before the meal are common and also people sometimes have them between courses which I always think is a nice way of breaking them up and always works well.


They don’t need to be restricted to the traditional line up either and at many weddings, there are several “additional” speakers and the whole thing can have a little more fluidity adding a more personal tough. I’ve also photographed weddings where there has been an “open mic” invitation and, if your friends and family are the types who are not backward at coming forward then this can work brilliantly!


Harriet and Jonny’s speeches started before the meal with a speech by Harriet as you can see above which was closely followed by Jonny chatting through a slideshow of childhood pictures. This included him producing some pertinent “historical” items such as the kilt he must have worn at some time as you can see below!


Below: Harriet didn’t really stand much of a chance of not crying at this point. Most of us were welling up and it was one of those moments where I felt honoured to be so closely part of such a private moments.
grooms wedding speech
bride and grooms wedding speech
Below: During the break between courses Jonny bravely took the microphone round to a few select guests to get their input on things!

wedding guests speech

Below: There was also some “historical references” in the father of the bride’s speech which included a newspaper report of a young Harriet rescuing a furry pet from up the chimney!

south farm weddingwedding guestssouth farm wedding speechesguests at speecheslaughing wedding guestsouth farm wedding

Below: And the proceedings ended at the end of the meal with the best man entertaining everyone in the traditional manner!

best mans speechsmall wedding guestwedding guest

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