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Sian and Ollie’s wedding at Sheene Mill Cambridge

Sometimes it’s a bit touch and go as to whether you should have your wedding ceremony outside or not. In Sian and Ollie’s case, however it was never really an option. Sian had always said, from the very first time that the ceremony would be outside – fairly much whatever the weather! Looking at their venue, Sheene Mill, near Cambridge this seems a pretty sensible suggestion as the gardens outside are absolutely beautiful and the whole venue is set beside a gorgeous mill pond.

The few minutes before the ceremony are always extremely busy for me and I am looking for photographs of the groom waiting expectantly and interacting with guests and family as well as shots of the wedding guests chatting and arriving. At the same time it’s vital to ensure that I am there as the bride arrives so there is always a bit of a fine balancing act at this point in the day! Often the bride and the groom are quite a long way apart and in Sian and Ollie’s case there was a short walk across the lawn between them. Now, I always have my camera bag to hand and I was super organised in terms of timing and equipment but, not really noticing the weather, I was completely without any jacket or umbrella as I was just photographing in my shirt and tie.

Sian arrived, all was going brilliantly and then the heavens opened! It absolutely pelted down with rain, the brollies went up and Sian and Ollie continued with the ceremony inside the gazebo. I obviously continued photographing and got soaked literally to the skin top and bottom whilst trying to keep my camera reasonably dry. It actually made fro some good photographs of guests sheltering under umbrellas and was actually, in hindsight, quite funny but at the time was rather a challenge. Thank goodness my Nikon cameras are weatherproof!

The rest of the day continued beautifully, the sun shone intermittently and a great time was had by all.

I have posted a few of my favourite images from the day below.


Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0724

Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0725Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0726Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0727Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0728Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0729Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0730Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0731Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0732Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0733Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0734Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0735Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0736Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0737Sheene Mill wedding photographs_0738

Bertie and Guy’s wedding at Rectory Farm, Cambridge

I had been really looking forward to Bertie and Guy’s wedding for some time as, not only are they a couple of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet, they were also having their wedding at Rectory Farm near Madingley. This was to be my first visit there, it’s always nice to photograph in new locations and this one certainly didn’t disappoint!

As you will see from the images below I also photographed both Guy and Bertie getting ready before heading off to OLEM for the ceremony. I really enjoyed this as generally I tend to only photograph the bride’s preparations so it was nice to photograph some ties and cuff links shots as well!

OLEM is situated at one of the busiest intersections in the whole of Cambridge and, at the time of the wedding there were major roadworks taking place right outside the church! I knew that the traffic would probably be horrendous and, as is often the case, this was really my only stress of the day. I always worry about getting stuck in traffic on a wedding day and allow plenty of time and check out my routes etc – it really is the only thing that stresses me out about photographing a wedding these days!

After the ceremony we headed down to the backs for some photographs of the bride and groom (I love the one with the avenue of trees in the background) before heading off to Rectory Farm. The venue itself is hidden away in trees and the marquee set in beautiful grounds. There was a drinks reception with ample opportunity for me to get some great candid shots of everyone enjoying themselves before we went through into the marquee for the wedding breakfast. We managed to just about avoid the rain and have the group photographs outside although this did take a couple of attempts due to the weather.

I have included some of my favourite photographs from the day below. Most of them are little moments and interactions that I really feel make the day special to Bertie and Guy. I love the image of Bertie in her veil just before the ceremony and the one along the backs is one of my favourites as well.

Underneath my favourites there are a few photographs of flowers and cakes and other details and some links to some of the great wedding suppliers that worked to make the day such a great success.




Some of the suppliers who worked together on the day were:

Cake by The Cake House in Royston


Flowers by Helen at The Flower Bar in St Ives


Music by A Band and a DJ


Car by Elegance and Style


Venue Rectory Farm Madingley with catering by Chimneys in Long Melford.


Nicki and Chris’s wedding at South Farm

I have photographed a large number of weddings at South Farm and it continues to be a popular and slightly unusual venue. It has a unique mix of elements including farm animals, an old steam engine and a set of restored Romany caravans that can be used as guest accommodation. It’s also set in beautiful grounds in a rural location and has a variety of different areas that can be used for each part of the day.

I started off by photographing Nicki getting ready in the bridal suite – there is always fantastic directional light in here and the upstairs bedroom is stunning with it’s high ceiling and full length windows. The ceremony itself was in the Old Dairy and the evening celebrations in the barn. As you will see from the photographs it rained and rained and rained! So much so that it was hardly fit to venture outside at any point during the day but this did lead to some nice umbrella shots.

I have included a few of my favourite photographs below.

Wedding at South Farm_0612Wedding at South Farm_0613Wedding at South Farm_0614Wedding at South Farm_0615Wedding at South Farm_0616Wedding at South Farm_0617Wedding at South Farm_0618Wedding at South Farm_0619Wedding at South Farm_0620Wedding at South Farm_0621Wedding at South Farm_0622Wedding at South Farm_0623Wedding at South Farm_0624Wedding at South Farm_0625Wedding at South Farm_0626Wedding at South Farm_0627Wedding at South Farm_0628Wedding at South Farm_0629Wedding at South Farm_0630Wedding at South Farm_0631Wedding at South Farm_0632

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