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I always enjoy photographing in the Cambridge Colleges and Queen’s is one of the very best in that it has such a wide variety of architecture and character. From the modern front and then over the mathematical bridge to the wonderful cloister court (which always feels rather Shakespearean to me!) followed by the atmospheric Old Court, Chapel and then the riverside frontage it really is an amazing place to be photographing in. The dining hall is also absolutely amazing with it’s incredible colours and stained glass.

I started off the day with Jess getting ready at home in Cambridge and then made my way over to Queen’s. I have to say that it’s other great redeeming feature for me is that Queen’s has fantastic parking which always makes my job much easier and far less stressful. The only thing that really stresses me out or worries me on a wedding day is logistics, travel and parking so it was reassuring to hear from the porter’s lodge that there would be plenty of space and that actually, on this day the entrance gate was broken!

The ceremony itself was in the chapel followed by a drinks reception on the lawn backing on to the river. There were ice creams all round before heading off into the dining hall and then to the bar for music and dancing!

I have included some of my favourites below. Naturally I took several images that showed off Queen’s in all it’s glory but I am naturally, in terms of my favourite images, always drawn to moments of emotion, interaction and storytelling.


I love a wedding with a bit of variety and Luci and Will’s day certainly provided that! From two beautiful locations in Saffron Walden to afternoon tea, from Samba to folk music, magicians to giant jenga, blazing sunshine to torrential thunderstorm, and finally a cadleigh in the evening – Luci and Will’s day really did have it all. However the best thing I remember is the fantastic atmosphere, completely chilled and fun, full of love and warmth and, as the bands played in the tents in the sunshine and the guests drank beer on the lawn the reception felt like a fantastic mini music festival rather than just a wedding reception! If I was going to be guest at a wedding this is exactly the sort of wedding I would love to come to!

I started off by photographing preparations at Luci’s parent’s house in the morning before heading off to the very impressive and beautiful St Mary’s church in Saffron Walden. After the ceremony there was Samba outside the church before we all made our way through the little streets and alley ways of Saffron Walden to Bridge End Gardens. The gardens really are an absolute hidden gem and you really couldn’t ask for a more perfect setting for a marquee reception. The afternoon was spent playing lawn games, listening to a variety of music before afternoon tea was served. More relaxing garden party/mini festival relaxation followed before the evening buffet and speeches during which there was an absolutely torrential thunderstorm as the hot weather of the afternoon broke. Into the evening and there was music and dancing.

I had a thoroughly fantastic time and it was one of those days where you come away with a warm glow in your heart and a rather smug feeling of satisfaction at having been part of, and also been given the privelige of recording such a personal and special event.

Some of my favourites are below.

Saffron Walden Wedding_0325Saffron Walden Wedding_0326Saffron Walden Wedding_0327Saffron Walden Wedding_0328Saffron Walden Wedding_0329Saffron Walden Wedding_0330Saffron Walden Wedding_0331Saffron Walden Wedding_0333Saffron Walden Wedding_0334Saffron Walden Wedding_0334aSaffron Walden Wedding_0335Saffron Walden Wedding_0336Saffron Walden Wedding_0337Saffron Walden Wedding_0338Saffron Walden Wedding_0339Saffron Walden Wedding_0340Saffron Walden Wedding_0341Saffron Walden Wedding_0342Saffron Walden Wedding_0343Saffron Walden Wedding_0344Saffron Walden Wedding_0345Saffron Walden Wedding_0346Saffron Walden Wedding_0347Saffron Walden Wedding_0348Saffron Walden Wedding_0349Saffron Walden Wedding_0350Saffron Walden Wedding_0351Saffron Walden Wedding_0352Saffron Walden Wedding_0353Saffron Walden Wedding_0354Saffron Walden Wedding_0355Saffron Walden Wedding_0356Saffron Walden Wedding_0357Saffron Walden Wedding_0358Saffron Walden Wedding_0359Saffron Walden Wedding_0360Saffron Walden Wedding_0361Saffron Walden Wedding_0362Saffron Walden Wedding_0363Saffron Walden Wedding_0364Saffron Walden Wedding_0365Saffron Walden Wedding_0366Saffron Walden Wedding_0367Saffron Walden Wedding_0368Saffron Walden Wedding_0369Saffron Walden Wedding_0370Saffron Walden Wedding_0371Saffron Walden Wedding_0372Saffron Walden Wedding_0373

Pip and George got married at the very beautiful Hampstead Parish church in London before moving to St Stephen’s (another converted church which is now the most beautiful multi purpose venue) for their reception. As you can see it rained, and rained and then rained some more before the skies finally cleared and the sun shone briefly in the early evening. I actually don’t mind the rain so much, it can make for some interesting photographs – reflections, people running to keep dry, huddling under umbrellas – and people generally quite like something to chat about and a bit of bad weather is great for raising English spirits!

Despite the rain the day was fantastic fun and I had a great time photographing everyone enjoying themselves. I have included some of my favourite moments below – I think my personal favourite is the one of Pip and George giggling together at something during the ceremony (7th one down). I think it was possibly during a hymn, it was the type of image that was “hard won” from my point of view – I sort of knew that it was inevitably going to happen and it was the result of a good few minutes of patient waiting on my part. The glance between them only lasted for a second or so but it was well worth the wait – I love George’s crazy fun expression!



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