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Bride and groom leaving their wedding ceremony under umberellas


“Gorgeous Andrew, Thank you for photographing for us! It was an awesome and magical day and I am so delighted with the photos.. ” – Nancy


I knew that Andrew and Nancy’s wedding was going to be completely unique, amazing and different from the first moment that they got in touch to enquire as to whether I was available for the day. Nancy emailed me over their wedding invitation describing how she was going to arrive for her ceremony on horse back, how it was all going to take place in the orchard on her parent’s farm, how guests would be encouraged to camp overnight, there would be a music festival theme, open mic speeches an that Andrew and Nancy would be making their own cakes and having a decorating competition judged by their guests……..not to mention the family dog being the ring bearer and the 29 bridesmaids!


However, there was one defining moment in the day that really summed it up for me….during the outdoor ceremony it absolutely and completely poured with rain, so much so that you could hardly hear what was being said, everyone got soaked through and I remember photographing away literally soaked to the skin. In the height of the storm, just after they had said their vows, Nancy’s Mum who was conducting the ceremony asked the sodden and dripping crowd if they would like to forget singing the next song cut things short and head inside. There was a massive and resounding “No” and everyone resolutely and in amazingly good spirits sang away and sat out the rain right to the bitter end. 


Clearly Nancy and Andrew’s friends absolutely adore them! The atmosphere on the day was incredible, there was such an atmosphere of celebration and fun and it really was one of the most memorable days I have photographed for a long time.


I’ve included some of my favourites below.


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Getting ready for a wedding in cambridgeWedding preparations - CambridgeUnique wedding in an orchard near CambridgeGuests at a very wet weddingOutdoor wedding ceremony in the rain in cambridgeWedding guests at a farm wedding in cambridgeshirewedding speeches - marquee wedding Cambridgeshirewedding guests in the marqueeFirst dance - bride and groom at a marquee wedding in CambridgeFirst dance in a marquee - CambridgeshireHugs and congratulations

Weddings are full of funny little moments – I suppose that’s inevitable when you have a lot of people together all enjoying themselves and it’s these little, almost hidden transient moments of humour and interaction that make my job so interesting! Often they are easily missed and forgotten and they couldn’t be contrived or set up and it’s the unpredictability and uniqueness of each on e that makes them so special.


For example, at every wedding there’s always a period of time after the meal and before the music starts in the evening where everyone is chatting and enjoying themselves. At Rob and Clodagh’s wedding I was busy occupying myself photographing chatting guests whilst the tables were being cleared and the band were setting up – there was the usual twanging of guitars, thumping of drums and earnest “one – two” microphone tests going on amongst the clattering of clearing plates and general hubbub (what a great word!).



“Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures, memories to cherish forever” – Rob and Clodagh


Eventually the musical noises ceased and the band left their instruments to go off and get changed ready to play……things continued on for a few moments before, out of the corner of my eye I spied the bridesmaids sneaking onto the stage sniggering and spluttering like naughty school girls. They picked up instruments, grabbed hold of the mics and – for a few seconds only – did the most fantastic silent rock band impression with power chord poses, arm in the air punches and general rock star posturing – the proof is below and very funny!


I also love the photograph of the vicar texting on his mobile phone just before the ceremony started. There’s something about his carefree nonchalance of attending to his texts just before conducting a wedding ceremony and also the combination of church formality and modern day technology that I find amusing – maybe I’ve just watched far to many Father Ted repeats! The light is also lovely in that shot which makes me happy from a technical and artistic point of view as well!


As ever I’ve included some of my favourites from the day below and, despite the rain, it was a day full of fun laughter and lovely moments.


Bride getting ready for her wedding in the morningbridesmaids getting ready on a wedding morningVicar checking his mobile phone just before a weddingBridesmaids - Elsworth cambridgeshirewedding at Elsworth church cambridgeshiresigning the register - Elsworth church Cambridgeshirewedding confetti at Elsworth church Cambridgeshirebride and groom walking in the rain under an umberellaWedding speeches at the Thatched barn in yelling Cambridgeshirewedding at the thatch barn yelling in Cambridgeshirebride hugging her daughter at her weddingbridesmaids in the band at a wedding - Thatched barn yelling CambridgeshireWedding at the Thatched bard Yelling Cambridgeshire




There’s something really lovely about being recommended to photograph a wedding and, in Chris and Emma’s case, I had been asked back after photographing Emma’s sister Holly’s wedding three years ago. Emma knew how I work really well and it’s great to be part of a day where the bride and groom really get my style and approach and just let me get on and “do my thing”! It was also bound to be a great day as they were getting married at Harston church which is a lovely building with a very nice church yard and also having the reception at Longstowe Hall – I love Longstowe and photographing there is very much like playing on my home ground so it was set to be a fantastic day!


There are lots of photographs of Longstowe Hall and it’s lovely grounds in the full set of images but for me weddings are all about people and some of my personal favourite pictures are below. My favourites are all about human interaction and emotion, there are laughs and smiles and a few funny little moments as well – I particularly like the one of one of Emma’s bridesmaids painting her toe nails – I don’t think I have ever taken a similar picture before and it’s a little detail that just appeals to me. I’m also very fond of the picture of Holly and family where their little girl is pushing a brightly coloured toy onto here Dad’s face – a funny little moment and nice for me as I last photographed them at their wedding three years previously.


Emma and Chris’s first dance was fantastic – choreographed and laced with intense concentration, moments of peril and a massive reaction from all of their guests when it was over.


I remember walking back to my car at Longstowe after I had finished for the day exhausted but with a warm little glow inside. These days, where everything just falls into place are what make my job amazing.


Wedding preparations CambridgeMorning preparation for a weddingWedding bouquets reflected in the glass of a wedding carBride arriving for a church wedding near cambridgeWedding ceremony at Harston church cambridgeGuests outside harston church CambridgeConfetti and bride and groom outside harston church near CambridgeWedding reception on the lawn at Longstowe HallWedding speeches in the marquee at Longstowe Hall CambridgeFirst dance on the dance floor at Longstowe HallAmazing first dance at Longstowe Hall