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Secret Garden Wedding Marquee


“Thanks so much for the link – that’s a great set of photos!” Nanette and Oli


Nanette and Oli’s wedding took place at the lovely Burwash Manor in Barton just on the outskirts of Cambridge.


Burwash Manor = The Secret Garden Wedding MarqueeThe reception was in the Secret Garden Wedding Marque which is located in the secluded old walled garden of the 16th Century moated manor house.

Burwash is the perfect country wedding venue and has the advantage of offering couples complete freedom and flexibility to have their day exactly as they want it!

Burwash manor - wedding in the secluded walled garden

The wedding ceremony itself was at the famous Grantchester church and I started the day photographing Nanette and bridesmaids getting ready at the beautiful Edwardian End House B&B in Newnham shortly after having eaten what they described as one the best breakfasts ever! It was then on to photograph the boys getting ready in Grantchester before heading off to the church and then to Burwash Manor.


I think my favourite shot of the day is above. It’s just as Nanette and Oli were announced and entered the marquee to sit down for the wedding breakfast. It’s always a bit of an awkward shot to get and I normally try to get the expressions on the bride and groom’s faces as their friends and families cheer and applaud them on their way to their seats. In this case things happened completely the other way round and as they spontaneously raised their hands in the air I was able to picture their friends and family smiling and clapping through their arms!


Earlier in the day there were several highlights for me including photographing an unbelievably calm Nanette just chilling out and reading the newspaper before getting ready for the day. Frantic speech writing from the boys both before and during the wedding and reception! A trip in a well loved family camper van and the frankly amazing job that they had done of decorating the Secret Garden Wedding Marquee.

Some more of my favourites from the day are below.


If you are planning a wedding at Burwash manor or any other fantastic venue then GET IN TOUCH. It would be great to hear from you.


Wedding preparationsWedding morning.Wedding preparationsBride and bridesmaidsWedding morning laughterBridesmaidRelaxing brideGroom on wedding morningWedding GrantchesterGroom getting readyWedding speech writingSpeech writingBride arriving for weddingBride arriving for weddingWedding at Grantchester churchWedding in Grantchester churchWedding ceremony in GrantchesterWedding ceremonyGrantchester churchRegister signing in Grantchester churchBride and groom Grantchester churchConfetti - Grantchester churchBride and groomBride and groom on Grantchester bridgeBurwash Manor Secret Garden Wedding MarqueeSecret garden wedding marquee decorationsBurwash manor Secret garden Wedding Marquee decorationsBurwash Manor weddingBurwash manor wedding guest in the secluded walled gardenBurwash manor walled gardenWedding guestBurwash Manor moat - wedding with bride and groomWedding guset at Burwash manorBride and groom Secret garden Wedding marquee Burwash manorBurwsh Manor near Barton weddingWedding at Burwash manorWedding speeches - Burwash ManorWedding speechesBurwash Manor Marquee interiorThrowing the bouquetWedding firstdance at Burwash ManorFirst danceGuests dancing

Wedding speeches


“Thank you so much for Friday, you made us feel really at ease……….we love the photos, thank you so much. There are some brilliant shots……” -Emma and Nick


I love photographing weddings at Longstowe Hall, I’ve been there many times before and it really does feel like photographing very much on my home ground to use a bit of a football analogy! However despite my frequency and familiarity I hadn’t photographed a ceremony “on the water” outside there so Emma and Nick’s wedding was a welcome first!

Despite the fantastic surroundings I was naturally drawn to photographing the interactions and people on the day and spent a lot of the day looking for those moments which really capture the essence and tell a bit of the story. The picture above does just that and is one of my favourites – I always try to look for moments of connection between the bride and groom during the groom’s speech and this is exactly what I got here. I really like Emma’s expression and actually that is almost strong enough to carry the image on it’s own I think. What I really like is the background where you have a bit of a commentary on what’s going on with Emma’s mum and bridesmaid wiping a tear from their eyes! I would like to say that I deliberately included the man wiping his eyes/face in the background as well but I have to be honest and say that was purely a fluke!!


I also really like the sunset picture near the bottom which is the only one that was set up – I think I would have preferred a bit more of a natural pose but I absolutely love the colours and so it just had to go into my list of favourites!


A few of my other favourites are below…..


If you are planning a wedding at Longstowe Hall or any other lovely venue with or without an amazing lake and garden…..I would love to hear from you so please get in touch!


Reflection of bride getting readyGroom at Longstowe Hll CambridgeWedding greetings at Longstowe HallWedding guestsBride and bridesmaidsWedding hugsWedding guests - Longstowe Hall CambridgeBride and groom - Longstowe HallWedding hugsGuests on the lawn at Longstowe HallWedding guest group shotWedding guestsWedding reception at Longstowe Hall CambridgeSpeeches - Longstowe Hall weddingGuests in the marquee - Longstowe HallThe lake at Longstowe HallFirst danceWedding dancing

Childerley Hall wedding, signing the register


“The photos are absolutely wonderful. Exactly what we were looking for. So many lovely ones of us and our families, and you caught some real corkers of our friends. There are so many little gems within them which have had both of us grinning from ear to ear.” – Ollie and Nancy


Childerley Hall weddings are always a bit special. Childerley is an historic venue near Dry Drayton just outside Cambridge but in the middle of lovely countryside down the longest and smallest road you can imagine. The main house is a red brick Elizabethan building where Charles I was once held under house arrest and it is surrounded by a well known and beautiful garden created by it’s owner.  In the grounds there’s also a Victorian long barn which really is the longest and biggest barn you have ever seen, as well as an Elizabethan chapel in the grounds, beautiful lake, amazing terraced gardens, orchards, a swimming pool, swans etc etc etc etc! Basically it’s an amazing venue and full of photographic potential at every turn.


My day began with photographing Nancy getting ready in the disused chapel before heading off to the barn to photograph the ceremony. The barn really does have the wierdest lighting and is completely rustic – I love the exposed timbers and sense of craftsmanship in old buildings like this and Childerley’s barn is one of the best in this respect – it has a lovely sense of welcoming rustic warmth to it. One of my favourite shots is the one above from the back of the barn where you see the congregation’s heads and the light seeping through the barn walls with Ollie and Nancy illuminated at the front.


One of the highlights of the day for me was seeing literally hundreds of photographs of Ollie and Nancy displayed in the barn – all the pictures were simply strung up 6×4 prints and gave a fantastic sense of the couples individual and joint history. Its’ great to see two lives develop in pictures and then how they gradually come together and intermingle. For me that’s the real power of photography in it’s ability to tell stories, evoke memories and to become part of the fabric of a family.


After the drinks reception in the gardens we headed back into the other end of the barn for the wedding breakfast followed by what else but a Cadillac! A few of my favourite images from the day are below.



If you are planning a wedding at Childerley then get in touch – I would love to hear from you!


Wedding make upChilderley Hall weddingMake up - wedding at Childerley Hall CambridgePerfume -Bride getting ready for weddingWedding preps - the chapel at Childerley HallWedding make up and flowers at ChilderleyBride getting her wedding dress onBride and perfumeChilderley Hall barnWedding greetingsChilderley hall wedding guestWedding greetingsGroom at Childerley hallBride and flowersBridesmaids flowersWedding party in the garden at Childerley hallWedding ceremony at Childerley hallReader at a wedding ceremonyWedding in the barn at ChilderleyChilderley Hall wedding ceremonyBride and groomRegister signingFlowersWedding in the barn at Childerley Hall CambridgeOutside Childerley hall cambridgeConfettiBride huggingBride and guestsWedding guestsGuests on the lawn at Childerley HallWedding guestsChilderley Hall wedding receptionGuests huggingCroquet on the lawn at Childerley HallBride and groom on the bridgeGuests taking photosBrideInside the barn at Childerley Hall cambridgeWedding guests laughing at Childerley HallGuests on the lawnPictures i the barn at ChilderleyWedding guestsSleepingChilderley Hall wedding speechesSpeeches in the barn at ChilderleySpeechesGuests and speechesWedding speechesGrooms speechGuests in the barn at Childerley HallBride and groomListenening to wedding speechesBest manSpeechesWedding guestWedding speechesCheliderley Hall wedding cake cuttingFirst danceFirst dance in the barnWedding bandWedding dancingBarn dance at Childerley HallWedding dancingDancingCouple dancing