When I’m Sixty Four

Bride and wedding guest


It seems to me that there’s a lot of paraphernalia associated with having a wedding these days.

(I have just checked the spelling of paraphernalia because, as my partner points out, I’m a great one for using long words but not being able to spell them (!) and discovered that the word actually derives from the articles (apart from the dowry) belonging to a bride when she gets married – therefore anything apart from a bride’s hard cash is paraphernalia!)
For example, how often have you read in wedding blurb about how to have “the best ever”, the”hottest trends in” how you have to “simply love” things for your “big day”? Isn’t it annoying how anything that is specifically “wedding” is more exclusive and expensive? How the humble umbrella can be catapulted into the realms of mega expense because actually “it’s part of our exclusive collection of wedding umbrellas”! It’s all paraphernalia!
So, going back to the dictionary definition, if all the “must haves”, “you’ll simply loves”, “today’s hottest trends” and pressure to have “the best day of your lives” are just the superfluous fripperies. Where’s the modern day dowry? The hard cash and the meat of the issue? Well, put simply it’s love. Love is the dowry, the heart of the matter, love is why the wedding is happening in the first place and it’s not just the love between the bride and groom it’ s also about the love between families, fathers and daughters, brothers and sisters the love that binds people together and makes life worth living.
When you are sixty four what will you remember and feel about your wedding then? It will hopefully have become only one of many “best days of your life”. You won’t really remember anything about the style, whether everything matched, whether you were “on trend” or not. You will, however, remember the love. The same love that will have flowed through your life continuously since, love for your partner, love for your family, love for the children that you may have had. Nothing matters on your wedding day apart from expressing your love by saying your vows with the person you have chosen to grow old with.
Pictures of love…..
Wedding at Harlton Church cambridge - first kiss
Bride and groom in sunset
Wedding love images
Bride and groom by barn door
Wedding at Longstowe Hall Cambridge
Speeches at the thatch barn yelling Cambridgeshire
Bride and mum getting ready
Wedding at orton hall Peterborough


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