Why I Love This Picture

Morning wedding preparations


I love this picture because it tells the viewer so much about one particular moment in time. It’s essentially a family portrait, Mum, daughter and son but it also tells so much more in that it’s essentially a story telling picture describing each individual’s particular concerns at the time. I love the earnest adjustment of the veil along with Mum having her make up professionally applied whilst son, fully dressed and ready for the wedding is more concerned with stuffing a sandwich in his face!


I guess each element might have constituted an image of it’s own – I could have just photographed Emma adjusting her veil, her Mum having her make up done and her brother in the background but the juxtaposition of the three individual elements and activities are for me, what makes the picture really work. I also know that it took a bit of forethought and timing on my part to bring the elements together at exactly the right time – it wouldn’t have work unless the son in the background was in mid bite and that also gives me a little internal glow of satisfaction!


I always think about creating wedding pictures that will have real long term value to my couples. I imagine them looking back over the pictures in years to come and I don’t really think it’s the pictures of flowers and cakes that will really matter to them but the little moments like this where they can really see what’s going on and what people were doing. It’s the little details and the seemingly mundane that, with the passing of the years will increase in significance.


I love photographing the authentic reality and finding meaning in the seemingly mundane!


So, if you are planning a wedding and you are looking for a wedding photographer who can find meaning in the most ordinary of activities and will document your day quietly, authentically and with integrity then GET IN TOUCH – I would love to hear from you!




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