Why I Love This Picture

Wedding dancing at Longstowe hall

I was listening to a podcast the other day about a sportsman who said that the more he practiced the luckier he became.

I have to admit, the picture above is partly down to luck. However, the art and skill is stacking the odds on your favour so I am more than happy to take some of the credit for the creation of the image!

So why do I like it so much? I think just because it is unusual and also really captures the emotion of a particular split second in time. I also had to work pretty hard to get it so it’s all the more rewarding in that respect as well. I really like how the main focus of the picture on the left is framed and mirrored on the right hand side and the lighting behind the two dancing bridesmaids finishes things off nicely!

So was it just luck?? Well not really.

I had an idea in the moment for the composition as I could see the two bridesmaides dancing and also the light behind them which was changing and moving quite frequently. I knew I wanted them to be far left and wanted the framing on the right so, taking my life in my hands I knelt down on the dancefloor and waited. It took a number of attempts to get right – the vital thing was to get the moment of eye contact and connection between the two bridesmaids. So it’s really down to precise timing and, more importantly, anticipating the moment where things just come together and making the image at that precise moment. It then becomes a bit like writing a paragraph. I did a first draft and it wasn’t quite right so I moved things around and tried again and again until I had the best that I could do before events moved on.

So all of this happened over the course of maybe 20 or 30 seconds or so before everything changed and everyone moved on and I started work on another image!

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