Why I Love This Picture

Bride getting ready at Ickworth House Suffolk
So, imagine the scene as , minutes before it’s time to leave for her wedding Vicky (the bride in the picture) realises that the zip on the side of her wedding dress is stuck. And I don’t mean just a bit stuck I mean fabric rippingly, sewing kit and scissors out in a panic stuck!

I have to say there was an atmosphere of calm concern rather than all out panic and, as everyone was rather frantically trying to get everything sorted out in the last minute rush, I managed to get this picture.

Firstly, I just love it for it’s shape. It also tells you a little bit of a story as the usher and bridesmaid both try to sort out the damn sticking zip thing whilst the bride’s Mum simultaneously continues to dress the bridesmaid.

Great stuff! Just the sort of wedding drama that photographs well!

I also really like the fact that you can see another bridesmaid’s face poking out through the gap on the right and, to make the perfect picture, I would have liked the smaller bridesmaid’s eyes on the left to be more visible through the gap rather than looking down – but you can’t have everything!

So, was this a lucky moment?

Sort of yes and no. Obviously I saw it as a moment to be photographed and I actually “worked the scene” taking several frames in a short space of time seeing how the juxtaposition of people and elements in the frame interacted with each other, slightly changing and angle and position with each frame and waiting to see how events unfolded.

This was the best frame from the series and it’s been in my portfolio for quite a while – it’s one of my favourites.

And Vicky’s dress zip? All was fine in the end, I think there was some involvement of scissors and safety pins but disaster was averted!

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